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Earth Week - Care for our Planet!

The Earth Day week commenced with the Earth Fair at Balboa Park, San Diego. JSciMed Central Publications proudly supports Earth Day!

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World's First HIV-to-HIV Organ Transplant: A Medical Breakthrough

In a landmark medical triumph, the surgeons from the Johns Hopkins University have performed the world’s first-ever HIV-to-HIV organ transplant. The members of medical team announced successful transplant in a media briefing on March 31st at Johns Hopkins University. 289 more words

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Forbes features CDG Rare Disease Day Symposium

Forbes.com publishes an article featuring “SBP Rare Disease Day Symposium: Human Glycosylation Disorders“, authored by Dr. Henry Miller from Stanford University. Dr. Miller was one of the speakers at the symposium. 222 more words

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Welcome home, Rex Jakobovits

I haven’t blogged since my days as a proud new mommy and I’m jumping once more into the blogosphere, fueled by a new mission: bringing kama`aina back home. 361 more words


Breakthrough in regenerative medicine: Stepping closer to personalized 3D organ printing and transplantation

This week is no less exciting than the last week. Last week gravitational waves were spotted for the first time in history, confirming a century old theory of Albert Einstein. 316 more words

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Random Thoughts 1.

So i just finished reading an article from ‘Scientific American’ and two article really caught my mind. Indeed the world is advancing in so many field yet what we actually need to save mankind from mass extinction (which we are entering) is the plant biologist. 120 more words


थाइरोइड ग्रन्थि र हाइपोथाइरोइडिजम

आखिर के हुन् त ‘हर्मोन’?

‘Hormone’ (हर्मोन) भन्ने शब्द ग्रीकबाट आएको हो। यसको अर्थ ‘कामको लागि तयार गर्नु’ हो। यसबाट हामी ‘हर्मोन’हरुको महत्वको बारे अड्कल काट्न सक्छौ, जसले प्राणीलाई कामको लागि तयार गर्छन्। त्यसैले त मानिस के मानिस रहन्थ्यो यदि ‘हाड, मासु र हर्मोन नरहे’ पनि भन्ने गरिन्छ। 132 more words