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Random Thoughts 1.

So i just finished reading an article from ‘Scientific American’ and two article really caught my mind. Indeed the world is advancing in so many field yet what we actually need to save mankind from mass extinction (which we are entering) is the plant biologist. 120 more words


Stress Management Strategies

Salaam, the above video was used in Health class a few weeks ago to demonstrate some of the stress management strategies that work for many people. 12 more words

7th Grade

Exciting Science/Engineering Events around Houston

Assalamu alaikum, everyone. There are 2 exciting events coming up this month around Houston that I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out:

1. … 135 more words


Current events: Underwater discoveries

Scientists just captured stunning images of deep sea creatures off the coast of Puerto Rico—some are so new to us, they don’t even have names. 13 more words

7th Grade

थाइरोइड ग्रन्थि र हाइपोथाइरोइडिजम

आखिर के हुन् त ‘हर्मोन’?

‘Hormone’ (हर्मोन) भन्ने शब्द ग्रीकबाट आएको हो। यसको अर्थ ‘कामको लागि तयार गर्नु’ हो। यसबाट हामी ‘हर्मोन’हरुको महत्वको बारे अड्कल काट्न सक्छौ, जसले प्राणीलाई कामको लागि तयार गर्छन्। त्यसैले त मानिस के मानिस रहन्थ्यो यदि ‘हाड, मासु र हर्मोन नरहे’ पनि भन्ने गरिन्छ। 132 more words


All about Plants!

Salaam everyone,

The Prezi powerpoint about Plants that we saw in class can be found here: https://prezi.com/npzplzeaghz7/life-science-plants/

The vocabulary words you need to define and draw a pneumonic device for can be found here:  26 more words

7th Grade

Science in the Spotlight: Are Viruses Alive?

Differing views on issues in science are quite commonplace. A few weeks ago, we were distinguishing viruses from bacteria as non-living and living organisms. As people research, collect data, and look at centuries of evidence, new knowledge comes into the spotlight. 19 more words

7th Grade