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Re-read ‘Trainspotting‘ recently. Here’s a wee ode to Molecular Biology and the Life Sciences inspired by Irvine Welsh’s literary classic:

Choose Us

Choose Life…Sciences… 206 more words


भरकटलेले स्त्रीत्व!

हल्लीच्या काळात आपल्या देशामध्ये, मुख्यतः तारुण्यातील मुलींमध्ये स्त्रीत्वाला अनुसरून खूप जागरूकता संचारलेली दिसते. स्त्रीत्वाच्या बळकटीकरणासाठी काही तरुणी वेगवेगळ्या सामाजिक प्रसारमाध्यमांचा खूप प्रभावीपणे उपयोग करतांना दिसतात. ही खरतर आनंदाचीच बाब आहे, निराशा एवढीच की यापैकी काही तरुणी भरकटलेल्या विचारसरणीवर स्त्रीत्वाला बळकटी देण्याच्या प्रयत्नात दिसतात.


Which universities are pushing the boundaries in life sciences?

If you had to name the branch of university research that has the most tangible impact on mankind’s day-to-day activities, it is likely that the life sciences would be near the top of the list: not many days go by without the announcement of a new drug or gene discovery that has the potential to change lives or tackle disease. 903 more words

Discovering what it means to be truly healthy with LifeScience

I don’t need much to know that at my current state: I am beyond unhealthy. It’s not even the excess 25 kilograms that I can’t seem to shake off – it’s the long nights awake, the stressful situations, the fact that I don’t eat right and almost have zero exercise. 656 more words

Remember the day when you had been craving for the cake to pop out from oven because you were so much tempted by the mouth- watering smell of it?, what did you do? 908 more words

Technical training in the life sciences

It is accepted that Training and Development is a highly developed area that bring its own body of knowledge. It uses a wide variety of techniques and approaches that are designed to meet the unique and complex challenges associated with training. 702 more words