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All about Plants!

Salaam everyone,

The Prezi powerpoint about Plants that we saw in class can be found here: https://prezi.com/npzplzeaghz7/life-science-plants/

The vocabulary words you need to define and draw a pneumonic device for can be found here:  26 more words

7th Grade

Science in the Spotlight: Are Viruses Alive?

Differing views on issues in science are quite commonplace. A few weeks ago, we were distinguishing viruses from bacteria as non-living and living organisms. As people research, collect data, and look at centuries of evidence, new knowledge comes into the spotlight. 19 more words

7th Grade

Life Science : Wanted Poster

Click here to download a virtual copy of the Wanted Poster Assignment.

Wanted Poster ILM

This file includes the requirements of the poster as well as a rubric and some other resources to help you out. 23 more words

7th Grade

Life Science: Ch.1 Review Jeopardy Game

Assalamu alaikum! The first Life Science Exam is coming up this Friday, 9/18. We used this jeopardy game to review, so feel free to use it to study at home as well: 27 more words

7th Grade

Band-aid of the Future!

A 17 year old inventor created an amazing technology that stops bleeding almost instantly.
Click here to watch a video of it in action

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) – Technicians in a small lab in Brooklyn are working on a gel that can stop bleeding in 20 seconds. 52 more words

7th Grade

"The most important trend IN HISTORY OF THE WORLD.."

“Cracking the Code: Understand and Profit from the Biotech Revolution That Will Transform Our Lives and Generate Fortunes.

Everything you need to know about the most important trend in the history of the world. 221 more words