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Day I can't remember - i suck

Thursday and Friday i missed my 5k. We’re in the middle of a heat wave and it’s made me really sick. Thursday I went to bed at 7.30pm after i put the minicorn to bed. 99 more words


Handbag post

A woman’s handbag is a mystery to most men! I thought I would share what was inside mine,  so please keep reading if you’re interested… if not I won’t be insulted! 260 more words

Happy New Year 

The curiosity list for 2017 would perhaps have the following ..

1. Has Narendra Modi lost it?! Will he be able to hold the nation together or will he make a mess of it?! 347 more words


There was a reason .. 

There was a reason the candles burnt themselves into tiny pieces

There was a reason for the flame to flare up notches

There was a reason why no one questioned the intensity and counted the hours light would live… 74 more words


New year, old goals

Continuing on some old resolutions…

(Image borrowed from Huffington Post)

So I was on Facebook today and saw that I had “memories” on this day. I checked it, and an article I posted four years ago on new year’s resolutions showed up. 982 more words


Was God Drunk When He Made You?

I spent 3 hours last night reading, I suddenly felt time shift a little, I was stuck in the book, and when I got up to switch off the lamp it was suddenly midnight, 202 more words


You screwed it all up. Again?!

Do you ever get tired of everything?

Tired of waking up, tired of eating, tired of sleeping,
tired of life.

That’s how I’ve felt recently, like there really is no point, and I am just a waste of space. 393 more words