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My friend. In pain. 

‘In pain and in suffering, I’ll be there for you’
I had said it once!

Little did I know that 10 years on she would call with a statement ‘I am terrible. 125 more words



When a child is born, the umbilical chord is cut by someone, he is cleaned up by someone, he is wrapped up by someone and he is fed by someone. 273 more words


Oops, I procrastinated all holiday, YET AGAIN

I left everything to last minute because that’s just what I always do!!! And now I’m rushing everything,

I’m still doing my EPQ and it seems to be taking forever, 45 more words


Plucking Up The Courage

I finally made a poetry page on Instagram!!!!!!

I know it will flop but hey, it’s worth a shot,

realising just how much poetry has an effect on my life I thought why the heck not! 235 more words


Assam Tea, Breakdowns & Life en Général


I is back guys, I has been gone so long I’ve forgotten how this whole thing works,

I’ve decided to come back because I need an outlet I need somewhere to let loose, and I haven’t used my diary since last year because I’m just too lazy to get up and get a pen and write, 668 more words


The state of education...

Welcome to Wednesday! It’s me. I’m here to talk about something which is quite dear to my heart… education. As you all know I work in a primary school and am currently doing my degree and everything going well I should be doing a teacher training course in September. 581 more words

Something .. At times .. 

A distressed mind, wrapped itself up in blankets of deep fear. Had a hard time falling asleep. The unfinished battles woke him up; nails to toe and he did breathe. 101 more words