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The one scene actor's short lived biography 

Out of curiosity, what value or worth it is to me or to any human being on this very planet to know how many girls actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui slept with, along with his love making details?! 157 more words


Bollywood films 

I recently got a whole big box of Bollywood film DVDs and I thought alright, let me be decent and start watching some Bollywood main stream films .. 687 more words



I’m sort of bored of these sexual assault and harassment stories because somewhere they are all relatable and somewhere they all have bits and pieces that I don’t want to relive or recall or even remember. 344 more words


Personal Finance For Low-Income Twenty-Somethings

I don’t make a lot of money. I work as a barista for 30 hours a week and it’s enough to pay my bills and not very much else. 930 more words


Me too ..

When I woke up to the #MeToo hashtag, my first reaction was to type out a status with the tag. But after going back and forth a bit, I decided not to tag along. 617 more words


Life's Journey

The good, bad and whatever.

Okay look, you might think this is one of those long, boring essay kinda blogs, but it’s really not….I hope. 688 more words


Avoiding The "Have You Seen...?" Trap

In modern conversation, you will often find yourself in the following scenario:

A: Have you seen ?

B: No I haven’t! What’s it about?

A: .

776 more words