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I was scared of falling in love, but now that I let myself fall, I found my wings once more….

*Shies away because icky emotions*

<3 <3 <3


Bye Bye House, Goodbye Home.

Goodbye to the walls that have changed colour so many times throughout my life I have lost count, that have heard all my childhood stories, all my arguments, all my laughter, have seen 4 children draw on its walls, marking their height throughout their growth, 332 more words



Coloured people, coloured judgements, coloured visions, coloured emotions; Colour based riots, colour based controls, colours even go far to define who’s hot and who’s cold. … 46 more words


A La Weekend

*drops on to bed exhausted*

I’ve been up and running all weekend and I’m so darn tired, I might just hibernate for the whole of next week. 319 more words


Surprisingly, I did something today!

I’ve achieved so much today!!! Woooh!!!! Go me!!!

I went to madressa, I went shopping, I watched a movie with my pops,

it was a good day ^_^ 27 more words


I'll Be Running Through The Wild

I feel kinda sad today, because of everything going on in the world, I woke up to the news of France, Kashmir, and many other places and I’m sick of the cruelty and inhumane things that go on in our world, and unfortunately I have to come to terms with the fact that things like this will keep happening as I grow up, even if I have children and become old and grey, these things will always happen, because the world is not perfect, 156 more words