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Dear Clothes Manufacturers...

Dear clothes manufacturers,

Hello, I’m a woman. I wear women’s clothes. I like skirts and trousers and pyjamas. I like to carry a handbag sure but I wear clothes.

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The very fact that none of us have a choice to die closes all avenues and norms of ‘freedom’ that we keep talking about time and again through centuries. 210 more words


I've been in denial

for an entire year.

You know. You’ve read it, reader, every time I say that “it will get better when I get into my major specific courses; this isn’t my forever.” 91 more words


Her signatures didn’t match, neither did her cards work

Heels hurt her ankles; and the back zip made her uncomfortable

She stood patiently looking at her watch… 97 more words



So it’s now May 5th and I have HOPEFULLY handed in my dissertation. Hopefully, it went yesterday. (I write this the Sunday before and I’m MEGA stressed about it). 760 more words

I am a Jedi, Like My Mother Before Me

My last blog post was going to be all that I wrote for #GaytheFourth, but I have reconsidered. Since December 2015 when The Force Awakens… 1,434 more words

Talking To Myself

(Re) learn to love 

In many households, the home owners eat a different kind of rice to that of their domestic help. In many households, the drivers or housekeepers sit on the floor or stand at the gate or sleep in the car waiting for the owners to arrive or waiting to serve their owners. 257 more words