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missed readingĀ 

I was told we have a seat reservation and I happily went ahead in confidence. Saw other heads on our seat, got a bit displeased. 135 more words



I is going to york today, as a school trip, I sure do hope it’s better than last week, I sure do hope it doesn’t trigger a week of bad emotions like last week’s, I sure do hope I have fun with my friends and I sure do hope we make some crazy memories. 9 more words


Well..... That Sobered Me Up.

Today I have been feeling love from my teachers, like you know that feeling when your teachers are super proud of you, like I got this feeling from FIVE teachers today, FIVE. 251 more words


I Don't Mean To Be Mean


I have been overthinking too much, about EVERYTHING,

see just one little comment from one little bitch, and I overthink ALL the things I did today, ALL the things I said. 316 more words


I Should Just Tell You, Right?

The first time I heard this song I thought “this isn’t fun at all”
But it’s actually a good song to dance to, that’s not the point, I just need to tell you guys some stuff, the reason why this song depressed the fuck out of me when I first heard it: 545 more words


Drawing On My Hand IS IMPORTANT!!!

I need to stop stressing, start working,

and have fun.

Because I will never get this time back. Ever.


I am a flower trying to blossom from the crack in the concrete wall I built long ago. 8 more words



When the night fell into our lap, you whispered, ‘let’s put some thoughts into our future’; a bright thought that I, then nurtured.

By the time it was noon, you had change of plans, parables shifted to another room. 127 more words