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Flower lady

Ah, isn’t life a funny son of a bitch? You might remember that I recently (and by recently, I mean last year) graduated. Life as an illustrator, exciting! 204 more words

The Stress Of Being a Teenager

A.K.A: A short summary of what’s been going on in my life currently.

I don’t exactly know where to begin. Truth be told, I started writing this at the end of March and my life has been so hectic since that I haven’t had the chance to publish it until now. 211 more words

Long-Haul Leadership and Testing Theories

I’m going to Qatar.
A place that I couldn’t spell up until a week ago. ( Q followed by U, surely?)

I’m going to work with Maersk Oil over the next 9 months, on a very part-time basis, designing and delivering work that will strengthen a concept of “Visible Leadership”. 504 more words


Keeping home

I’ve been putting off and putting off coming back because I couldn’t find a reason to write here.

There are so many other things I need to write but I feel like I couldn’t possibly attend to them without first reporting back, here, where my browser’s home button takes me to. 181 more words


Things I learned while I wasn't looking

(A short word from the birthday girl — that would be me)

That’s not my age, but it’s close enough. :) (Photo by D)

This birthday post was supposed to be published last Thursday, but I was off doing other things, so I’m publishing it today.  1,159 more words


Half Red

There is a bit of a glitch in my genetic makeup and I have not completely come to terms with it. Since one gloomy spring day at 9:14 in the morning, I was born with two skin colours. 215 more words

Light, Breath, Time

Trigger warning: discussion of depression, suicidal ideation.

The greatest trick depression pulls is convincing you it doesn’t exist; that the baseline misery it enforces is normal at best or irrelevant at worst. 871 more words