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Short Trip to London

Finally I got back in my absolute favourite city London. Three days where I can breathe the british oxygen and enjoy the english city life. 639 more words


Just a game.. 

When it’s all just a game, whether you win or not, no longer matters; it’s all the same

Whether you have a coveted design or you are bare foot, all that you are is all that you ever could… 359 more words


Some days..

Some days in life you get it all right

Some days you get it all wrong

Some nights just stay bright

Some nights just hang in there, over you like a thong… 132 more words


Judge me .. 

Judge me for the clothes I wear , For the drinks I hold, For the cigarettes I smoke ..

Judge me for the words I write, For the stances I take, For the sentences I construct .. 110 more words


Who's worth it?! 

Once there lived a young boy in a small village. If he had someone who he would call his own, it was his father… He had never seen his mother and had a very vague idea as to how a mom would be… he had seen his friend’s mother’s and for him, his mom always existed in his drawing books and his thoughts. 954 more words


In the deepest, darkest hour ..

As I lay down on my bed and looked up, the ceiling had a pattern, a beautiful symmetry of small squares which were in a straight line, one after the other.. 333 more words


Her first chocolate. 

I could have bought her, her first chocolate

I so wanted to buy

But something in me stopped me;

instead I left it to her father… 113 more words