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Tired Out

All These Emotions Wreck Me Internally.


My Birthday's in 22 DAYS!?

Yes, so that day my aunty took me out, (saturday)

She asked me what I wanted for my birthday

We agreed on books! She’ll take me out to waterstones :) I have a £30 limit, meaning I can buy about 5 books ^_^ 15 more words


I Feel Like Me, More Me Than Yesterday, Less Me Than Tomorrow


God is on my side

coffee is waiting in the kitchen

words are dancing in my head

music is playing

My Pj’s are so comfyyyyy

and I’m alive!!!! :)


I Close My Eyes

and see my future, as a poet, happy, with you,

I see myself so successful,

I open my eyes, and see the mounds of work in front of me, 22 more words


I'm Thinking, I'm trying, I can handle it.

if all my teachers taught all their lessons sarcastically with tons of humour added, I’d learn so much more,

I’m trying really hard today

after all of yesterday’s shit, I’m not giving up, 61 more words


So Yeah, Yesterday.

I was on the phone to my grandmother halfway across the world saying in another language ” I don’t like it here, no one likes me” 228 more words