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Considered Shopping

Weißt du wie viel 1 Kilo Bananen im Supermarkt kostet? Weißt du welchen Weg die Bananen zurückgelegt haben bis sie bei uns im Obstregal landen? 297 more words


The Information Diet

We are all drowning in news and content. Tim Ferriss argues that we should try to reduce the amount of time we spend consuming news. In his book  201 more words


Cooking Beans

My favorite cookbook right now is Twelve Recipes by Cal Peternell. The premise, a chef from Chez Panisse writes a series of recipes to teach his college-bound son how to cook. 241 more words


Lost Once More

And sometimes I ponder staring at the masses of stars above,I sit one moment a roaring mess of blood rushing through my veins

The next a sea; calm after a storm. 19 more words


Durga puja 

In this age of artificial intelligence where distinguishing between information and data is next to impossible, celebrating an age old tradition with rituals, believing in goodness and also believing in the win of truth over lies, good over bad, is a breath back into humanity. 298 more words


You Don't Get To Do That

Recently I turned down an offer to be part of a blogging series, initially I’d said yes, but with increasing pressures from school and madressa, I had to say no, 254 more words


Hello Autumn My Love

So liebe Leserinnen und Leser :)

Ich melde mich hier das erste Mal auf deutsch und heiße euch herzlich Willkommen auf meinem Blog. Wie jeden Sonntag sitze ich zuhause auf meinem Bett, trinke meinen all geliebten Kaffee und arbeite an neuen Blogposts oder sehe mir Folge für Folge meine Liebingsserie an. 459 more words