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I burnt a thousand times, to get my light intensity right

I burnt in silence, in and out of sight

I cleaned my residues and I packed my ashes… 167 more words


Wellness Center - Behind the Scenes

What is better than relaxing while you are getting a massage from a specialist? It’s the only time where you are allowed to turn your brain off and unwind for a while. 189 more words


Lessons & Expectations

This past week I’ve been thinking about some of the things I’ve learned in the last year plus since I started running. So I thought I’d share some of those things as they pertain to last weeks races. 644 more words


My broken moon 

My broken moon would often complain,

Of its dullness, scars and pain.

It said that its brightness was fading each hour

That holding on to giving light, felt miraculously sour. 71 more words


The Different Gift

Beautiful Tyrol here I am! I won’t leave you until I have reached the end of August. So let’s breathe out and enjoy the last weeks. 489 more words



Currently my girlfriend and her friend R are making tacos in my kitchen. I am watching from a chair, drinking rosĂ© mixed with La Croix which I am fully aware isn’t a thing, but it’s bearable and available. 389 more words