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The damn space.

This damn space that is provided by time

Is uniquely boring, subtly breakable as it concedes in life

Something remarkable makes this space

A terrible feeling of owning, disowning, price and theft… 58 more words


Best advice.

I have always wondered why everyone jumps in with an opinion on everything on everyone all the time? The standard rule has become to advice. To give advice all the time. 202 more words


Creating Unbalance in the Interest of Growth

Throughout my life, I always felt like I had a fire going under my ass that motivated me to work hard on the things I was interested in. 1,087 more words


3 Strategies For When Life Gets Out of Control

Often, it feels like I never really have a good handle on controlling a lot of what is going on in my life. Complete life-upheavals happen, and sometimes it feels like they all happen at once. 841 more words


Success. Failure. Life. 

By and large the screaming reality that one gets drawn to is to value oneself based on the worlds’ definition of success and failure. One, often is thought to be the reverse of the other. 259 more words


Letter 1.

Dear life,

You seem familiar but do I know you? I live in you or maybe you live in me; howsoever true the nature’s be. Of fleeting thoughts and the composed theories. 109 more words


Judgements. Social Media.

I became friends with one of the neighbours on Facebook and the first thing the neighbour asked my mother was whether everything was fine about my relationship? 337 more words