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I'm Confused About Something

So I’m at my friend’s birthday party and we are talking movies. I confuse Irish and Scottish cultures.

Me: “I think I’m allowed to mix up Irish and Scottish because reverse racism doesn’t exist.” 235 more words


I Miss My Old Life

Remember when I’d spend all day reading? Drawing, Writing, Dreaming.

I miss me. I miss 15 year old me.

My blog turned 2 years old 5 days ago. 135 more words


Meeting Bernie Sanders

Yesterday, December 1st, 2016, I bought a $27 ticket to meet Bernie Sanders, which included a copy of his book “Our Revolution” at Powell’s City of Books. 398 more words


I did some things this week and it was pretty darn Swell

I know it’s only December 1st but the past week had me thinking about my New Year’s resolutions that were getting ready to expire. Some were slam dunked right into the trash for the year, and some are still waiting patiently in the fridge growing greener and fuzzier by the second while I refuse to give up on them just yet. 423 more words

Talking To Myself

Unspoken words .. 

There’s an unspoken distance of words and thoughts

There’s an unchained ego of who I am and who you should be, with battles being fought… 106 more words



Staring at the shadows dancing above me, The stone of silence weighs down my words,

Hot tears stream down my cheeks,

As I beg the angel to take my soul, 45 more words


Getting Coffee with "A"

I recently got coffee with a friend (“A”). He’s in his early twenties, wears a backwards baseball cap and a button up shirt. He sits down and we immediately discuss the election. 387 more words