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How "The Wire" Frames My Career Perspective

I watched “The Wire” recently and was completely hooked for two reasons. First, it is a well-written, well-performed, and extremely compelling television series. Secondly, it helped me gain some cognitive tools for how to optimize my life and career aspirations by helping me process my environment differently. 580 more words


The life before ..

The life before ‘social profile’ sat in prominence is hard to imagine. Was I this interested in people and their lives is hard to believe and argue? 338 more words


3am .. 

She opened her eyes and tried to figure out which city she was in. Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata, Bangalore, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kaula Lumpur, or was it some random city in the United States?! 279 more words



In the moment of the goodbye, she hugs me….not a quick, rapid, throw-arms-round-as-I-buzz-on-to-next-thing hug, but a deeply present, warm I-see-you-we-are-connected-see-you-again hug…heart to heart stuff…. I literally and metaphysically find myself moved. 574 more words


Senior Days

July has been an eventful month thus far. In between my best friend’s wedding and many birthdays, I painted this sweet little face. Her name is Tala and she is a senior rescue dog. 103 more words

Cookies & Rain


Ups and downs. That is how I would describe my life, your life, and life in general.

We just have to keep going I guess. 53 more words


Everyday is A Chocolate Digestive

Chocolate digestives have 2 sides,

the chocolate,

the plain,

I have no idea why anyone would buy a pack of plain digestives,

I mean EW… 61 more words