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Desk Decoration Ideas

There are so many reasons to be happy.

Hey Loves! I’ve always wanted to have a pretty work desk/office area and I think as a blogger it’s everyone’s dream to have a beautiful workspace (which will make it easier to take flatlay pictures haha!).

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5 Tips For Surviving Your Wedding Day

There are always going to be a range of notable occasions throughout your life. Of all of them, it’s often your wedding day that stands out as one of the most bittersweet. 505 more words


How You Can Use Office Politics To Your Advantage 100%

If there is one thing that no one enjoys about working in an office, it’s the politics. People hear the phrase, ‘office politics’ and immediately think about being backstabbed or talked about in a negative way. 489 more words



I can honestly say, I am glad we are entering a new week because the last one was very long and stressful​,
New rules ….I am never doing decorating​, moving furniture or Believing​ my children when they promise to help me if I help them lol ​.

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Are these everyday symptoms a sign of something more serious?

Many of us experience common symptoms like headaches, tiredness, and changes in appetite on a frequent basis, and dismiss them without a second thought. We’ll blame stress or hormones, or lack of sleep, and assume we’re on the brink of a cold. 640 more words