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The Imaginary Land of Made It

Once upon a time, there lived a man who worked and worked and worked.

He worked and worked and worked, until, finally, he made it. 153 more words


EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY: Someone Broke Into a Car and Stole a Pair of Sunglasses . . . But Left a $1 Million Lottery Ticket

First of all you break in a car only to walk away with a pair of sunglasses. YOU fail! On top of that…check this out… 184 more words

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Changing//Life update

Recently I made the hardest decision of my life and left my relationship of 5 years. We met at 15 and since then have gone on holidays, got engaged and planned on moving in together. 339 more words


The elusive subject

I was sitting in the old office, the old decrepit office with the old decrepit desk , the desk that has a gaping hole where the third drawer should have been, i was sitting there and i was thinking. 199 more words


A Desert Experience

I’ve rarely ever been to the desert.  As I sit looking out my window, I see light rain falling on our lake,  and I’ve been watching our coon coming and going as he hunts for prize bits to feed his babies. 160 more words

Meditations And Reflections

For the Love of Texas

Record breaking rains + devastating floods in the Great State have dominated news outlets, even nationally, over the last few weeks. While my close friends and family across Texas have been fortunate enough to stay safe so far, it has… 365 more words



Around Wednesday this week I realized I was exhausted, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then I remembered that my idea of a summer well spent is to immeadiately dive into language learning just one week after school ends, and then it made sense. 591 more words