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5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me BEFORE I Had Kids

I love my daughter. Let me say that again….I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!!!! She is the best and most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and, by far is my greatest accomplishment. 1,793 more words


Yeah, Summer is OVER

All teenagers hate school, it’s like everyone has this huge thing against it. I mean, I like summer better and get tired of school very easily. 208 more words



Hi guys! One more post with this lovely pink/purple-ish wall in the background. I happened to be there two times this week, so I had no other choice except to take one more round of photos. 61 more words



Every season, designers work their hardest to impress and appeal to the public with their designs. A lot of designs get rejected, but the few that don’t usually turn into trends. 190 more words


I went to a wedding!

I am super into weddings. Maybe it’s the hours of watching Four Weddings on TLC, or the beauty and time that everyone puts into them. 190 more words


The Big Five Of Time

Have you ever asked yourself how some people are able to work so many different activities into their schedule while others barely seem to have the time. 438 more words


Rosehip Syrup

Yesterday I climbed a ladder to the top of the garage here at Hunters Lodge where a forest of rosehips awaited my arrival.  Now my balance is not great at the best of times so my nearest and dearest were more than relieved to see me descend without incident and armed with my little red trophies.   190 more words

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