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Slow Down

An ordinary afternoon dog-walk around the neighborhood turned gruesome. A car passed just as I noticed a squirrel hunkered in the middle of the lane. Car 1 slowed down, paused until two cars were directly opposite in the other lane, and then blared its horn. 624 more words

Destination Marrakech

Morocco was a hot destination for those enchanted by the magic of North Africa in the 60s.

A beautiful blend of modern lifestyle and old-world charm Morocco is here to leave you breathless in this stunning volume. 49 more words


The Selfie Saga, Part One

I have been causing myself trouble. Or, more correctly, my selfies have been causing me trouble. And not in any of the ways one would usually assume that a selfie could cause trouble. 267 more words


Why I Wear Black (as if you need a reason)

I wear black a lot. I kind of always have, and other than the fact it is super flattering never goes of fashion & goes with everything, here is a little blog about why I love the darker side style. 551 more words


eKAVACH your loved ones in the online world

Internet and eKAVACH!

Well it seriously bothers me when today’s kids start early but on the wrong note. Before learning other things, they begin to hum Honey Singh’s abusive lyrics and google Sunny Leone’s dance numbers.

630 more words


Et voila! Three years of hard work, tears, tantrums, screaming and laughter to be celebrated with a single glass of Prosecco over lunch. If you didn’t get the twitter memo, I received my undergraduate degree result on Monday. 140 more words


Magic | Summertime stories

Kai lietumi kvepiantis rūkas pasklinda po visą kiemą  ir vidurnaktį gali matyti šviesų dangų, kai nebereikia niekur skubėti ir gali stebėti milžiniška jėga kvėpuojančią gyvybę medžiuose, žolėje, vandenyje ir visur aplink, pajunti tikrą … 49 more words