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On Maternal Death Rates, Home Birth & Trusting Your Body: A Q&A With A Black Doula

There is an epidemic of postpartum deaths among Black women in America.  The maternal death rates for Black women skyrocket way above any other developed country in the world. 1,468 more words


What Black Panther Means To Me

I enjoy listening to christian music. It is not about the beats, tempo or music video… the message behind it is much important to me. It soothes me, gives me hope and makes me feel drawn closer to God and I enjoy that! 551 more words


Why The Death Of Rapper Craig Mack Scared Me [Op-Ed]

Let’s get straight to it. This is why the Craig Mack death spooked me. I’m 36. 10 years younger than Mack. I work in an industry that may be fun, you meet a lot of people, get free shit at events (food and drinks be love) but it puts a lot of wear and tears on your body. 321 more words


Reflections 15/03/2018

As my caption says, this is probably quite a boring photo but I love it for some reason, it’s simple in a good way

I’ve not really got much to say about this week other than I finished another chapter of my dissertation and passed the 10,000 word mark! 102 more words



You need your space, a space where it is just you and God, where every other relationship becomes meaningless and only God becomes meaningful. A space where you don’t need to worry about reciprocation of love, validation of your person or appreciation of your commitments. 536 more words


What a morning..

After Tropical Cyclone Linda spun away off the coast and the incredible waves of yesterday calmed down, all the coasts southern Beachies pumped! A quick lap of the beach out the front and I walk away with a big grin. 7 more words


My Favourite Celebrities on Instagram

I think I’ve reached the age where I have no idea who famous people are anymore. I didn’t have a clue Logan Paul was, I have no idea whose in the charts and could not name you an up-and-coming actor even if you gave a five minute research time. 474 more words

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