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Welcome, Bibiduni!

Dear Style Behind readers, you can’t imagine how excited I am to share this news with you: my little lifestyle brand, Bibiduni, is finally here! 216 more words

Sara Ottavia Carolei

Better Than Goop: Starting Your Own Lifestyle Brand

A lifestyle brand is a company that markets its products or services to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a group or a culture. Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their particular products contributing to how the consumer’s way of life might be defined. 387 more words

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Skull & Paddle: A Lifestyle Brand Rooted in Tradition

The Marine Corps is a fighting force with many time honored traditions that include but are not limited to inducing epiphanies over copious amounts of alcohol as well as creating logos that are way cooler than those dawned by most units from other branches of service. 611 more words

Celebrity Lifestyle Branding: Build a Better You?

Oh, the feel of a Brand. I love it. Everything about the idea and texture of a brand that resonates with my soul it alright by me. 904 more words

Allegra Hicks: the eye that travels

Fashion legend Diana Vreeland once said that ‘the eye must travel’. Allegra Hicks’ gorgeous London studio is a testament to this edict. On a wintry afternoon in Chelsea, her signature fabrics swathe the sitting room of an impeccably stylish four-story terrace. 646 more words


See Every Piece from Kendall and Kylie’s (Surprisingly Affordable) Fashion Line

We’ve been teased with info from Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s new fashion line for weeks, but now, the wait is over—and it was totally worth it. 157 more words


Proud Dropout?

When our friends who’ve lived in New York City for a while bail for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, and other cities, we usually celebrate their time spent grinding away in The Big Apple, and wish them the best on their futures spent elsewhere. 332 more words

Cory McCollum