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Metaphorically Houdini : Series Prologue

Ever wondered how much time we spent peeling our eyes on phone screens? 3 hours a day. That’s 45 days a year, and if we do the math that’s 7 years per average Indonesian’s average life expectancy.  291 more words

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Best Looks From Bridal Fashion Week

Calling all brides! (really, all girls!) Get a glimpse the gorgeous looks we’d like to see you in heading down the aisle from each of the top collections.

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‘The Fresh Prince of Easterhoose’ to premiere at Cannes film festival

There were tears across the world today after heart-wrenching cinema masterpiece The Fresh Prince of Easterhoose announced it will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. 339 more words


Obsessive Compulsive over Television and Movies

Let’s face it, we all love our movies and television shows, but it seem the problem we have in our generation is finding a gosh darn new television show or movie to watch. 329 more words


Cyclist are a nuisance | The Solution

“Cyclist are a nuisance”, “They are a reckless when on the road”, “They are affecting traffic flow”. This are just a few “censored” lines that are commonly heard from most people. 904 more words


Reasons why Singapore is beautiful

As Singaporeans we can all agree that Singapore is getting too urbanised or should i say HDB-ised. When people from all around the world ask what is there to see and do in Singapore and my answer is always the same. 211 more words


Things to expect when you are working an office job

Appreciating your previous sloth days.You tend to appreciate the time when you could wake up on a weekday and lay in your bed all day watching movies. 764 more words