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Atlanta Wrap Up - Where are we headed next? #Baecation part 2! 

Atlanta treated us so nice. These past 2 days have been just a whole bunch of, “YES!” The weather, the people! Of course, the food… 423 more words

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Food, food, FOOD! - Atlanta #Baecation (part 1)

Yesterday me and my husband caught a flight to Atlanta, GA. This is the first leg of our little Summer vacation. Or, as I’ve been calling it…#Baecation. 562 more words

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Are you unmotivated?  Okay...read this. 

My morning started with a Facebook message from a friend. She was asking me for some advice. She wanted to know, “How do you stay motivated to better yourself?” She’s at a point in her life where she wants to start something new, but can’t stay motivated to do so. 458 more words

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Proud of Tatoos

For the last few weeks, my favorite google images search has been tribal peacock tattoos. I check weekly in the hope of finding a new design that will be part of my upper back. 436 more words


I gave up alcohol for farming. And never looked back - Erick Mongare

When I visited Moses Ngele’s farm in Bomet, it was flourishing with water melons and onions. He was busy and in jovial mood working side by side with his five farm workers unblocking furrows to supply water to the plants. 379 more words


The First 1500 Days

The story of Edward Jenner is familiar with most, that of the guy who discovered that an infection with Cow Pox prevents infection with Small Pox. 589 more words


Curbing Unrests in Schools: Student leaders speak out

It is the beginning of a new school term and as the dark blue Mercedes crawls to a halt at Kim’s school gate, his mother powdering her nose, looks at him through the rear view mirror and it is written all over his face. 1,319 more words