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Are you a weed in the garden? | Are you helping or hurting...

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post. But, I woke up this morning with things dripping from my brain.

So, I started writing. 668 more words

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This Is Me: Help, I am an indoor plant killer!

This is me and I am an indoor plant killer.  Sad and oh so true.   No matter how hard I have tried I can’t get a plant to live in my home.    218 more words

Letter to self.

Dear self

I am truly honored and shocked at the same time, that I am writing this letter to you. 

Before everything. Please love yours. life is just the way you see it, I know and believe that you have to  live and accept the way it is. 311 more words

Marvee Thoughts

What is the Deal with Dr. Seuss?

Recently, I have been seeing signs around with the infamous Dr. Seuss hat.  Then realizing Dr. Seuss day is just around the corner I began to reminisce.  349 more words


I should be sleeping or just do my canvassing work, or maybe even read my comic book of Black Panther. Listening to the Kendrick Lamar (Pray for me). 497 more words

Marvee Thoughts

Glittered in Goals - Let's Heal | Review by Coffee & The Daily Grind

Glittered in Goals – Let’s Heal event was nothing short of amazing!

I  wanted to give an extra special thank you to Carnegie Homes. You have seen me tagging them in Instagram and Facebook posts leading up to the event, but I wanted to post the listing to the beautiful home that we were hosted in. 1,006 more words

Life Updates + Inspiration