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Afro-Latina Uses Her Disability to Inspire Girls with Her Dolls and TV Network

Born in Panama City, multi-faceted entrepreneur Kimberly Jesicka, prevailed over her multiple learning disabilities, and having been an orphan, to become a global sensation in children’s entertainment. 340 more words

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Hi There, It's Been a While.

In case you noticed, I’ve been away from the blog for a while. April hit me like a ton of bricks and I, honestly, lost all urgency and desire to blog. 333 more words


Ruling Life with that hint of Caffeine


One of the most popular used drink  among us individuals, is the use of caffeine. Fun fact: Us Americans use over 300 mg of caffeine a day. 495 more words

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Natural Beauty Care Remedies

After some elegance and style tips in my previous posts, here are some beauty tips for your face. Sometimes creams are nocive for your skin, a specialist visit is a good choice for serious skin problems. 380 more words


Working Out With An Autoimmune Disease

For me personally, exercising is just as important as eating a plant based diet. Exercise is important for a multitude of reasons that we are already aware of. 410 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Change of Mind

I had wrote an entire post assassinating people for their poor diet and some of the BS reasons given to justify eating poorly. I was in the process of publishing this article and something hit me and I realized that wasn’t the proper manner to try to reach people about this. 239 more words


Diet For Healing

With the understanding that the world of BigPharma is a joke, I understood that it was time to re-examine how I ate and my overall view of health. 987 more words