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Beauty & Disease

As vain as it may come across, looks fucken matter. I thought I was beyond this and I try my best not to judge others based on appearance, but it happens. 513 more words


Death, Taxes, & Setbacks

Death, taxes, and setbacks. Everyone’s path in life is different and we cannot expect to follow the path of one in hopes that it will work for us. 708 more words


Tips to Stay Organized During the Work Week

Today is a new day and the start of a new week! I sometimes dread Monday mornings (but then again don’t we all, haha) because I know that it’ll usually be a busy week and I already look forward to sleeping-in the next weekend. 557 more words


DIY “Med-lemon” Tea for a Cold

Although I call this a DIY “med-lemon”, understand that it is my version that I have found to work for me countless times whenever I felt like I was getting a bit of a cold or a sore throat. 166 more words


Coeliac disease is a genetic problem that some people have with food containing Gluten. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye and barley. 446 more words


Packing List for Winter Travels | Including PDF

Happy December! Today I’m on my way to see family in Chicago, for a long weekend, and I can’t wait to get there! Traveling around the holidays is always fun for me because I get to go on an adventure and see people I love. 105 more words


Dried Kiwi and Other Useful Things in This Healthy Lifestyle

One of the highly weird and excessively annoying things about my body is that I have to be exceedingly selective on my food choices. Most people have to limit calories and avoid certain downfalls or types of food. 369 more words

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