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Here's a throwback!!! My first ever blog post from April 2013!

This blog post was written on 05/04/2013

Okay not sure where to start or what to do here but I’ll give it a go!

Basically I’m 19, living in Kildare ( really a dub) & I have a two year old little boy, Lee. 1,032 more words

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LexVegFest 2017

A date and location for Lexington’s second annual LexVegFest has been determined. Mark your cowlendarsĀ for

October 7

11 am – 4 pm

3564 Clays Mill Rd, Lexington, KY 40503… 119 more words

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Incredible foods you have to thank the English

England has always been a country full of talented inventors, from making the internet, telephone, football and many more inventions, they have also changed our food recipes, here’s a list of some food inventions you should thank the English for, a small nation with a massive impact. 245 more words

Great Britain

Tips for being a happier person

Happiness is most people’s main objective during their entire lifetime. But if you give it a thought, it all comes from within yourself and the little everyday things. 254 more words

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Being Alone Might Mean You're Smart

Being alone can possibly make you feel isolated from the outside and can even make you feel a bit depressed, which in time can make you feel like you are missing out, which is a feeling of social exclusion, However for some people who are shy/Introvert can mean that you are in fact be smart. 227 more words

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Active UpBeat: Bend of Whey and Fruit Smoothie

I’m an active people, train regulatory 5 times a week, trying to keep healthy can be hard while travelling, so i tend to try and eat healthy and drink plenty of water but i also love my fruit smoothies and drinks, so i have decided to review the healthy foods i eat. 272 more words

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15 Things You Need To Try While In Paris

French are all about the good wine, protests and food, now we all know, every culture has different types of foods and the french are no exemption, they have some of the worlds best cuisine’s, I have created a list of foods you should try, when you visit Paris. 58 more words