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#DumsorMustStop: Ghanaians View on Dumsor

Ghanaians views on #Dumsor:
Ahh!.. Prez. Mahama!.Pls!.Stop the talk and do the do. This dumsor is too much. 3yrs why?
   – Jimmy

My boss used me as a scape goat when he was layin off workers. 580 more words


2nd Lady & Other Celebrities Hit The Road For Akosua Adjepong @25 Health Walk Today

Music legend Akosua Adjepong who is 25 years in music is at it again and this time around she gets out of the territory of music and delves into health matters as she, together with 2nd Lady Mrs. 258 more words


[PHOTO]:US doctors discover a black woman in Maryland with two vaginas

According to media reports, doctors in Maryland,
US, found a woman with a very unusual
condition; she was born with two vaginas. The
woman, described as black, has the vaginas… 99 more words


yummy diy homemade popcorn!

mmm popcorn! My love for it developed at the movies (which is probably the case for most people). I used to buy bags of microwavable popcorn at the store, and over time as I change my eating habits I realized that microwavable popcorn isn’t very healthy. 280 more words


Health Tips - Germination 101 (pt.2)

Welcome back Wanderers!

I’m here with the second part of the germination project as I promised it few days ago. (If you missed the first post, click… 422 more words


Health Tips - Germination 101

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is about a health related topic many of you have probably already heard about and this is none other than germination. People who tend to carefully watch out for their health are using this method since many-many years, and now I thought this will be the perfect timing for me as well to try it out and share my experiences with you all. 325 more words