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LexVegFest 2016 Event Program

It is getting close! Lexington’s first ever VegFest is happening on October 1st. Among many interesting vendors and lots of delicious food, the event will feature quick seminars by health and nutrition experts and much more as you can see in our finalized event program.


Embracing change for happiness

When planning my holidays, there is always hope in the back of my mind, that I will weigh a few less lbs, be fitter, healthy and feel full of confidence. 558 more words

Weight Loss

How to Achieve Dreams with SLAM Goals

Achieving a dream is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings in the world. Not only does it affirm that all things are possible, but that with an intention and determination, you and I have the power to create our own, perfect reality! 552 more words


Meditation: the art of self awareness & how to practice it

One of the single most important habits to cultivate for your health & wellbeing is “Meditation”.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to quieten the mind and to connect to one’s self awareness in the present moment. 650 more words


Affirmations for money, love, success & health

Ever heard of “Thoughts become Things”? Our thoughts are incredible at shaping our lives, but how do you attract your desires faster? The answer lies in a little practice called AFFIRMATIONS. 398 more words


The highs and lows of weightloss

It’s Friday and I have not lost an ounce of weight in a week! Annoyed, depressed and driving myself mad! Hang on Jenny I hear you say, you are a professional nutritional therapist and a Nutrition Coach to so many people, how come you are getting it so wrong? 612 more words

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3lbs Weight-Loss Week !

Great week, can you lose 3 lbs in weight in a week? Yes you can but its often the good stuff!

The detox was quite easy to be honest, normally in Metabolic Balance strict Phase 2 the  vegetables with salad and green juices are between 95g-145g so  it was great to have 500g to make meal and juice. 452 more words

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