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ESMÉ Official Kindness Month Continues...

I received a bouquet of flowers (yes dandelions) from my then very young daughter, and it was handed to me with utter kindness and love. 200 more words

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Eileen Haber: Goddess Grotto

Howdy! This week I’m back featuring one very special person that is so dear to my heart. She might just be the most empowering, loving, caring, and nurturing person in my life. 457 more words

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B.D. Dautch: Farm to Table

This week I’m gonna be takin it back to the roots. And no, not the roots of music or classics of artwork, but the roots that grow a farm for a man that can bring produce to the table. 392 more words

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Feeling YOUR Beautiful

Yesterday morning a school bus got stuck in the slushy snow in front of my house. After spinning her tires approximately 542 times the driver paused when a van (yes a van) arrived and a man emerged and attached a chain to pull her out. 180 more words

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Kelby Pintard: Tiny Dancer

This week I step into the shoes of one eye opening woman who tells her story through the rhythm in her feet and the drive in her bones. 362 more words

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In the Mood for Spring...

The snow white bunnies that run around my neighbourhood are browning up and I saw a ROBIN. With only 4 feet of snow left on my front lawn and given that we have officially experienced the first day of spring, I think it is safe to say it is upon us (ignore the snow that may come later today…). 181 more words

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Top 5 Podcasts I am Loving Right Nowk

I’ve been a big advocate for reading more books via audiobooks. Audiobooks make me feel like a productive ninja. But in the past days, I’ve reduced the time I am spending on listening to audiobooks because I am binge listening to podcasts right now. 726 more words