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What a long, strange trip it's been

T-minus seven hours and counting. That’s when you’ll find me sitting on the couch — bowl of popcorn in one hand, glass of wine in the other — devouring the final episode of “Stranger Things.” And I cannot wait. 667 more words

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Arrest this girl, she talks in maths

It’s been 32 days since my last post. Here’s what you need to know: 7+5+20=4. What? Karma Police, lock up this girl. She’s making no math sense at all. 579 more words

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Grab your parka because Hell just froze over

One year ago

D00d: Come on, try it! You’ll like it!
Me: Get away from me before I slap you.

Six months ago

D00d: You’ll like it! 514 more words

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It's actually pretty easy to be green

With all due respect to everyone’s favorite amphibian, I find that it’s actually pretty easy to be green — at least on the inside — thanks to liquid chlorophyll. 803 more words

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I'm Earthing, and you should, too!

Are you anxious or stressed out? Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep? Does your internal battery need to be recharged? Then earthing, my friend, might be the ticket for you. 372 more words

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I'm back, back in the yoga groove

Nearly. Four. Freaking. Weeks. That’s how long I was unable to participate in any kind of physical activity thanks to The Shingles. We’re talking no yoga, no walking the dog, no jumping on the trampoline — nada. 543 more words

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It’s National Wine Day! I don’t normally make a habit of celebrating unofficial holidays, but this is one that is a must.

Seven Fun Facts: 243 more words

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