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LifeStyle Tip #2: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners seem to be found everywhere. Although they can be helpful to those who must avoid sugar because of blood sugar concerns, they are… 58 more words


Healthy Lifestyle Tip #6: Try a Change of Focus

My whole life I had been trying to lose weight. I had tried so my diets, joined countless gyms, read many websites and advice columns. I’d had some success on occasion, lost a bit of weight, but I had never kept it off. 710 more words

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Healthy Lifestyle Tip #5: Keep a Food Journal

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, Think About the Food You Eat. I think we all tend to lie to ourselves a bit about the things we eat in a day. 288 more words


Healthy Lifestyle Tip #4: Think About the Food You Eat

I believe the first step to eating healthier is to become more aware of what you are eating now. So even before changing what you are eating, just think about the food you are putting into your body. 275 more words


Power of Posture

What do the Good Guys have that the Bad Boys don’t…?

A GOOD POSTURE! If only all parents knew this little secret of turning their little ones into handsome, upright lady killers they would insist on all their children walking around with a meter rule stuck in the back of their pants. 396 more words

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Spray Away: Lipstick Stain Removal

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Wednesday morning, throwing on the nearest, cleanish, blouse, only to find it’s got a lipstick stain on the collar—and you’re already on the train. 79 more words

Lifestyle Tip 02: Relax & Reflect

When most of us picture meditation, we picture someone from an Oriental country or perhaps a gypsy humming while seated in the lotus position with their thumb and forefinger curled so as the tips connect. 291 more words