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Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, so today I am going to share with you my probably very sad and cringey guilty pleasures, so enjoy! 464 more words


3 Tools to Workout at Home

Hello Everyone!

I think it’s safe to say that sometimes we all feel too tired or lazy to go to the gym for a workout, so I will share 3 of my favourite workout tools for my at home exercising! 270 more words


Pebble unveils fancier Pebble Time Steel

TORONTO – It’s been less than a week since Pebble raked in over $10 million on Kickstarter for its new Pebble Time smartwatch, but the company has already unveiled an upgraded version of the device aimed at those looking for a fancier finish. 253 more words


Blog | Growth Manifesto Part. 2 #W2TM


  • Harvest Ideas

ideas need the space to be dynamic & fluid to flourish properly.

  • Keep Moving

don’t let the reinforcement you receive for your successes drive you. 155 more words


Russ Hay's Sidney Bike Shop

I’ve been living in Victoria, BC since 2010 so I figured it was time to give a shout-out to the bike shops that have grown near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons. 197 more words

A warm welcome............


So as I start what will be my first blog post, my mind is racing around at a thousand miles an hour. Half excited that I know what I will be talking about is going to help women understand themselves so much, and half kicking myself that I didn’t start sooner. 317 more words


5 Signs You're Ready for Summer.

One: You talk about the sun like it’s a long-lost lover, the one that got away. “I can almost remember how warm weather feels. When do you think it will come back?” 140 more words