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Say "I Love You" to Yoursef

Approaching the day of the lovers. Actually, it is a day of the love messages.
Do you love yourself?

Here is a small creative assignment – write a love message to yourself. 82 more words


Workers Wages Are High Now, But Slower Job Growth Worries Financial Market

American workers are now seeing a fatter pay cheque this year after years of wage stagnation. However the job growth is slower and it is something finance analysts are looking at for the year ahead. 39 more words

Written Work

3Novices:Kanye West: The calculated impulsiveness of a hit maker

The rapper knows how to build up hype. On February 11, Kanye West will be presenting his seventh solo album and a new fashion collection in New York. 11 more words


Working Out: Gym Essentials For Girls

Working Hard At The Gym ? Here is a guideline to your Gym Bag Essentials. When buying a gym bag, look for a water-resistant bag and roomy enough to hold your essentials. 90 more words


Warming vanilla and lemon infused breakfast polenta

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a soft sport for warm breakfasts that prepare me for whatever the day brings. Whether it is the middle of the Australian summer or a freezing winter morning, a hot breakfast always gets me up and going. 408 more words


3Novices:Remembering creative mastermind Roger Willemsen

The public loved him as an entertaining presenter of talk shows. Roger Willemsen also wrote bestsellers, loved football and was one of Germany’s best-known intellectuals. He has died at just 60 years old. 10 more words


Chinese New Year in Cambodia

Chinese New Years is most likely every single Cambodian’s favourite holiday. Because, they can spend their time with their beloved family. We are Cambodians, but why do we celebrate Chinese New Year ?. 266 more words