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Review- Coneflower Creamery

Coneflower Creamery can be found in Omaha, NE. While my friends and I were volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House ( I HIGHLY recommend volunteering here whether it’s through donation or making dinner it’s very rewarding and for a great cause that’s not the most popular) we met up with some of the other girls at this local spot. 257 more words



Okay, I know, that post title has way too many acronyms. I’m just over the moon that a) it’s Friday and b) it’s an extra long weekend for me.  848 more words

How to Survive a Hot Summer Day

Australia is scorching at the moment, and while I love summer (significantly more than winter), it is currently +41 degrees Celcius with no sign of cooling down. 397 more words


Up in the sky where our hearts beat to the sight of beautiful Auckland

“Exploration starts at your own doorstep.”

Hi dear,

Somedays it does you good to be a turist in your own town. Adventure can be done anywhere! 527 more words


The Liebster Award.

Hi loves. How are you doing today?

A quick thank you to suncafes for nominating me for the “Liebster Award”! I know blogging has been just a bit of a hobby for me, but being recognized means a lot! 903 more words

An important .......

An important client waiting to place his order.

And the order was a Coke!

Enjoy the weekend.