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Dirty Thirty

Chris hit the big 3-0 on Saturday.

We’ve just had our first week apart, he starting his new job in Portland and I staying home with our 2-year-old daughter attempting to pack our lives. 405 more words


Why I'm leaning away from coffee.

Coffee, the first thing you think of as soon as you awake. It’s so convenient, and literally available everywhere. Feeling tired, or need energy? Drink coffee they say… but how weird is it that as soon as we wake up… we feel the need to drink this “energy booster” shouldn’t we already have energy? 949 more words


All the food pictures I have taken so far....

Pictured above: crispy pata, halo halo, chicken and rice, halo halo, kwek-kwek, sea bass, a cheeseburger, taho, sio pao (pork and CHOCOLATE), juice, sio mai. 64 more words


Need to calm down after an argument? Try these 2 Scripture verses

You just finished an argument with your spouse, sibling, friend, even a stranger. Maybe you stormed out, or angrily hung up the phone, or maybe they walked away. 202 more words


Boss Lady July: Regonizing Your Royalty

I would like to introduce to you to Taylor Griffith! I met Taylor in college and have been tremendously blessed by her music and her ministry. 731 more words


The secret to being irresistible

We all have that one friend… you know the one I mean… the one who’s the life of the party, whom everyone loves, who can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, and the one who, most of all, leaves everyone feeling better than they did before. 591 more words


Just Be Patient

Hi everyone. I’m back with another post, if you can’t already tell Hehe.

Life is…something serious. We as people are always making plans and putting time on them. 541 more words