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Celery / wild celery ● Karafs, karfas

Celery has been used as an anti-hypertensive agent in folk medicine for centuries. In recent pharmacological studies, celery shows antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as prevent heart disease. 301 more words


How to drink wine: a quick guide for Theresa May

Russian state TV criticised the PM for not holding her wine glass by its stem – so here are three tips to help her perfect her etiquette Given the tales of Russian trolls infiltrating British media, we perhaps should not attach too much weight to Russian state TV’s recent takedown of Th… 10 more words


Philips Kitchen Appliances with brand ambassador Chef Ranveer Brar

Plate up nutritious & delicious food for Bengaluru city

Bengaluru, 21 November 2017 :  Philips India, the brand which has time and again powered Indian kitchens with innovative gadgets, celebrated Healthy Living with brand ambassador and Chef Ranveer Brar at an interactive evening in the city… 817 more words


Staff share their former professions

  As many Granite Bay High School students begin to think of possible future careers, they wonder what job they would like to have for what is likely the rest of their working life. 914 more words

Kristine Leahy Rips CNN For LaVar Ball Interview

LaVar Ball’s CNN interview was everything you would have expected it to be, but Kristine Leahy wasn’t having any of it.

On Tuesday, the FOX Sports host ripped into CNN for giving LaVar a platform. 287 more words


Upperclassmen pass the torch to class of 2021

  As Granite Bay High School’s next generation of freshmen enter the school year, many wonder what tips upperclassmen have to make high school the best it can be. 536 more words