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5 Things Not To Say to Someone Who Practices Parkour

One of the first questions I asked my boyfriend the day we met was,

“What should I not say to a parkourer?”

“That,” he said. 781 more words


3Novices:Beijing's contemporary art hub goes from strength to strength

If you love cutting-edge art there’s really only one place to go in the Chinese capital – the #798 Art Zone.
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3Novices:The must-see venues in #798 Art Zone - Beijing's contemporary art hub

One of the Chinese capital’s liveliest districts is a tourist magnet, and increasingly popular with the locals, too. Our guide to the best sights.
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Review: Black Honey returns to Brighton

If last night is anything to go by, Black Honey fans go hard. Although this is the Brighton band’s debut album tour, the audience was right there with the four-piece for every song, clearing floor space in preparation to mosh at the upcoming crescendos, and bellowing the band’s lyrics back at them. 419 more words


Faulty Genes: Are we Slave to our Genes?

Do Faulty Genes Always Express Negatively And Are We Slave To Them?

Faulty Genes express negatively when we give them a chance by providing all the necessary conditions.

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Coaliția pentru familie:"Copiii sunt ținta reeducării". Ce prevede Strategia națională „Egalitate, incluziune, diversitate”

Coaliția pentru familie reaprinde dezbaterea pe marginea subiectelor legate de egalitate și diversitate. De data aceasta aduce în discuție proiectul privind Strategia naționala „Egalitate, incluziune, diversitate” pentru perioada 2018-2022  … 773 more words


Notting Hill, London

Notting Hill, London

There is nothing like a day out in London to restore your spirits. Apart from going to the carnival, I’ve never properly encountered the delights of Notting Hill. 724 more words