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How Socrates Taught Me to Trust Jesus With My Money

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, the importance of tithing eluded me. My tithe money to the church would help pay the salary of my dad, who would then give me money for allowance, from which I would then tithe, which would pay for the salary of my dad… To my young and self-absorbed mind, it seemed like an unnecessary financial loop. 870 more words

Thank You Jesus For These Pop Tarts

Anne and Henry - Dawn Ius

I was really looking forward to an atrocious book, and was actually rather disappointed. Anne and Henry, the modern day retelling of the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, set in an American High School, was decided blehh, although somewhat excruciatingly awkward when it came to its attempt to update such a setting. 587 more words

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

The Santangelos - Jackie Collins

A Facebook memory reminded me of how much I hated Jackie Collins’s last novel, although I have since come to the conclusion that either the chemo had turned her brain to mush or, like the Harper Lee conspiracy theory, she was bullied into it by a greedy ‘carer’ in her vulnerable final months. 556 more words

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams...

When I was in high school, there was a popular show on television called “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” hosted by Robin Leach.  Robin would interview wealthy entertainers, athletes, business people…well basically the rich and famous (smile).   564 more words

A Diamond Deal with the Greek (Maya Blake, 2016)

Why did you choose this book?

My boss is obsessed with Harlequins, and I’ve been experimenting with different types to see what’s different in each series and what all the fuss is about.   291 more words

Think you know Goop? Take this quiz

Lately Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has been making regular appearances in my inbox. I think I signed up for it out of a momentary curiosity that has since passed. 251 more words