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Think you know Goop? Take this quiz

Lately Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has been making regular appearances in my inbox. I think I signed up for it out of a momentary curiosity that has since passed. 251 more words


Machu Picchu Not Overrated

Many people have Machu Picchu on their list of places they plan to go before they die. I had the good fortune of going before I was 40 years old almost by accident. 285 more words


Sun in Scorpio

Is life a game of tennis? Two people on opposite ends of a court probing each other’s weakness? Is it a battle of wits ,with each trying to corrode their opponents resolve? 27 more words


When I'm Rich and Famous...

This week the resident hound asked us to answer this question: “If I were suddenly a bestselling author with lots of fame & royalties… how might my life and/or my typical days be different?” 882 more words

Patricia Kiyono

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Unless You’re a Celebrity with a Rabid Fan Base

In April of this year, Bruce Jenner came out as transgender, after a lengthy interview that was broadcasted across the United States on several stations, during which she made the statement that she had always felt like a woman. 1,087 more words


Super Luxury Super Tank - Ripsaw EV2

If you have to ask why you have missed the point.

…I think they may have referenced early Batman movies for the interior.