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A Curvy Woman's Christmas Bikini Wish

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A perfect Christmas gift for a curvy woman is the right swimwear
for that upcoming tropical vacation after Christmas Day! 155 more words

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The coolest spots to visit in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus

When I was 7 years old, my mother told me that we’d be moving from the Philippines to America with my new stepfather. I imagined life across the Pacific would vaguely resemble the Hollywood romcoms I watched after school to learn English. 24 more words


Monochrome Composition 68

Subject: Berries on the branch

Camera: iPhone 7 Plus

Filters: iOS HDR and Mono with Light Adjustment

Location: (Somewhere in) Clinton Township, MI

Post-eruption Hawaii is best explored on a cruise ship

It’s official — Mother Nature wants Hawaii whacked. Of course, California and Alaska are the states most recently licking their wounds due to mum’s wrath. But earlier in 2018, the Paradise of the Pacific suffered her own rash of wildfires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and, most terrifyingly, Kilauea volcano’s infamous house-gobbling lava vomit which forced the… 10 more words



I look forward to solitude

Moments to refresh my spirit

In a world of noisy chatters

Solitude is my fortress to peace


Woman chronicles brother’s horrifying psychotic break in new doc

At the age of 46, Duanne Luckow’s mental health began to unravel at a seemingly rapid pace. Beginning in 2009, Duanne’s parents and sister — the documentarian Sandra Luckow — were terrified to see their family member, once a bright young man who enjoyed fixing antique cars, morph into someone they didn’t recognize. 11 more words


Evangelical pastor’s new calling: Supporting his trans parent

Almost three years after his father came out as transgender, Jonathan Williams found himself standing in a Midtown hotel hallway, hesitating outside his father’s room. As he raised his hand to knock, the surreality of the situation struck him: The person he was meeting was both a beloved family member and a complete stranger. 12 more words