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Catch Up To Now 

That picture up there ^^ was a photo I took a few years ago to symbolically represent children gone or grown up. Toys going unused after the kids grow out of them. 713 more words


旅遊 | Amish farm tour & American host family

週末跟著學校教會組織去了一個兩天一夜的小旅程,分別去了 Lancaster, PA & York, PA 兩個城市。這兩個地方和我讀書的State College, PA約莫兩小時半的車程的地方,與其說是城市,不如說是其他鄉鎮更為貼切。

Amish people 是我一到Penn state就從學長姐口中得知的一個神秘的族群,他們過著相當原始純樸的生活,不用電不用網路不用3C產品不開車。這個資訊爆炸的社會,還有這麼一群人過著如此與眾不同的生活,當然要好好瞭解一下阿!!!

一到農場,便有解說員替我們導覽,這個農場比較像是Amish Museum是觀光客們觀光用,隨著導覽員的解說,我進入了Amish的家。導覽阿姨說,房子內的擺設是好幾十年前裝飾的,但跟她現在自己家裡的幾乎一樣,彷彿進入時空隧道 Everything changes, except Amish people.

簡單整理 tour 的重點:

  • life style:原始簡樸、自給自足,他們不開車,所以交通工具是馬車和卡打掐(腳踏車)
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10 Things for me do every day

  1. Wake up early
  2. Exercise
  3. Plan for work
  4. Time for hobbies (guitar)
  5. Active
  6. Learn
  7. Analyze
  8. Talk with my parent
  9. Sleep at 12h

Let's talk~ All things Blogging

Heya all so this week I will be doing a let’s talk segment and honestly I will talk about everything as I wanted the last few days of my blog challenge to be a little different. 504 more words


Daddy Again... the Backstory

This guy right here, is on his way to being a new daddy again. At 41! I already have 4 children, 1 ex step-daughter I raised, and my girl has 3 children. 660 more words


Dear Mom: An Open Letter to a Wonderful Woman

Dear Mom,

I hope that your birthday getaway to Oregon was a much-needed and deserved break from your upcoming work deadline. I hope that you enjoyed your presents and the food, and loved being surrounded by people who love you for your special day. 702 more words


Black Boomers: No Magic to Weight Loss

One of my students presented me with a watch-like gadget.

“What is this?” I asked her

“It is to help you track your steps.  10,000 steps each day to keep you fit.” 264 more words