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Buckeyes and Snowflakes

I had planned to bake some cookies this week.

That didn’t happen.

Let’s just say the infectious “bugs” were running rampant at our house. So no cookies were forthcoming, and I didn’t get anything else made for the holiday treat day at work tomorrow. 498 more words

Life of a Showjumping Groom

So since I gave a slight insight into what exactly a ‘groom’ is and what they do in my last blog, I have decided to dedicated one specifically to the life of a groom. 378 more words


Jobstreet.com’s ‘Company Reviews’ Allows Candidates to Determine if a Company is the Right

Technology has made fundamental changes to the way we do business. The traditional workplace of dreary cubicles is nearing obsolescence in the face of modern co-working spaces. 542 more words


In need of a Mum moan

When mum washes the pots;

  1. Strips dirty nappies
  2. Gets clean laundry out of the dryer
  3. Takes wet clothes out of washer and moves into dryer…
  4. 52 more words

A letter to self ... Year 30

Dear Stacy of the past 29 years,

You’ve been blessed to grace this earth with your presence by an omnipotent power, to fulfill a mandate and execute your purpose for reasons greater than your self. 230 more words

Malta , a beautiful travel destination.

Travelling  is getting very scary these days , where to Go? The world is becoming unsafe  but you still have to travel. During my research , trying to find a place to go, I discovered the island of Malta .Why I never looked into it , I  don’t know. 292 more words


Remember that every disappointment in life is an appointment with God

This editorial column written by Dusty Takle was previously published in the most recent edition of The GRIP.

It is honestly hard to be as raw and real as this post will be. 954 more words

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