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Teen rises above homelessness, addiction

By VIRGINIA HOLST/Montana State News

Priding herself on six months of sobriety from all hard drug use, Ashley Grey Allsop is considered by her peers a success story, to say the least. 1,127 more words

Community News

Sports writer took unlikely route to career

By JARED MILLER/Montana State News

Just a scant distance down I-90 midway between Missoula and Seattle sits a birthplace. Not only the birthplace of Washington’s Brian Scott but the place in which a very talented columnist was born. 810 more words


Iranian student's options limited by status


Christmas and Fourth of July are his favorite holidays. In the winter, he loves to hunt; in the summer, he loves to shoot. 803 more words

MSU News

Student sees no need to impress others

By JACKSON NOLDE/Montana State News

On the Montana State campus, the SUB is a place where students can sit before their next class.  Often people catch up on homework. 794 more words


Skydiving a game changer for unlikely jumper

By ZACHARY COE/Montana State News

She sits in her cubical at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana and feels her mind beginning to drift. She sits in her usual work attire of black dress pants and a fancy pink and white blouse. 641 more words


Teacher embraces writing to 'freak out less'

By CULLAN STAACK/Montana State News 

Walking the famous John Muir Trail in the fantastic Sierra Nevada mountain range, Mark Schlenz cannot help but consider the beauty of it all. 1,308 more words

MSU News

Mobile woman lives solo lifestyle fearlessly

By EMILY SCHABACKER/Montana State News 

Sitting in penguin pajamas in the comfort of her new apartment, Tharon Snuggs’s red curly hair hangs in soggy strands around her face; but as the water evaporates, her hair grows more and more voluminous. 901 more words