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Night Driving

The other day here I published a post about my thoughts on sleep and how I found it to be an inherently strange thing.  There is a related point to this that I wanted to make, but that I cut from yesterday’s post for the sake of being concise.  539 more words

Diet and nutrition!

This is where most people go wrong.

They don’t know the difference between macronutrients and foods.

there are healthy foods and non healthy. Also people don’t know how to properly track macronutrients. 132 more words


Are Christians a Bunch of Bigots?

At the risk of sounding ingratiating towards the gay community, I have more than a few friends who are homosexuals. Some of them I have known almost my entire life and I deeply value their opinions and their friendships. 1,477 more words

Keurig of fresh tortillas Make Them Healthy


According to Dave Swanson, Bread-makers and pasta machines were once the hot new gadgets in the kitchen, but today they serve primarily as a reminder of ’80s white elephant parties. 718 more words

Inert Dead Things: Thoughts on Sleep

I have been keeping strange hours lately.  The reasons for this are mostly uninteresting and mundane, so I won’t get into them here.  I am interested today in talking about sleep and what I feel about it as a necessity. 510 more words


Theres alot more to fitness than just working out. Where do you find motivation? Thats the thing. Motivation eventually runs out. Thats when disipline comes in . 59 more words


Narrowboat Down

Boats sink. It’s inevitable. And they sink for all kinds of reasons. I’m not going to deal with shipwrecks at sea. This is about Narrowboats on the canals of Britain and one sinking in particular. 998 more words