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Daily Prompt: Our Children are (Miniature) Versions of Ourselves

Izaac is my two-year old son. He is half American and half Japanese. My miniature blazian hybrid is truly one-of-a-kind. I watch his miniature hands shape Play-doh into “rocket ships” and “refrigerators” and “trucks.” I listen to the authority he asserts in the demanding tones of is miniature voice. 165 more words


6 Powerful Networking tips that pay.

How to Find the Right Job –Networking:

Networking is a strategy to reveal more opportunities and more possibilities. Human are naturally wired both to connect with and help others. 2,530 more words


The Joy of Sweat


-St. Pettersburg

In Russia, inviting a new neighbor to a sauna is the preferred way to break the ice.

“Birch or oak?” asks Sergie Lesukov, holding up two twiggy bundles resembling tiny brooms.   268 more words


Daily Prompt: Learning | A Never-ending Endeavor

Learning is a lifelong process that isn’t constrained to the 20+ years that most of us spend with our heads buried in textbooks all-the-while listening to countless lectures that blend together into a miasma of incoherence. 278 more words