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Atharva 2016: Guest Lecture – “Invest in stock markets to beat inflation and to have a secondary source of income against an uncertain future” - Mr. Bharat Dave, Senior Manager, BSE IPF

In a session which was aimed at educating the students of TAPMI about stock markets and investment options, Mr. Bharat Dave began by giving a brief history of stock exchanges followed by that of the Bombay Stock Exchange. 303 more words


M-Power by MGM – “We learn things the way we are taught”– Professor R.C. Natarajan, TAPMI

When it comes to Prof. R.C. Natarajan, “Unlearning” is also a case-based learning!
In an engaging session organized by the Marketing and General Management forum at TAPMI, Prof. 371 more words


M-Power by MGM – “A career in marketing is not for the faint-hearted!” – Professor Vinod Madhavan, Assistant Professor – Marketing Management, TAPMI

In a first of its kind session by the Marketing and General Management Forum, the students of TAPMI were involved in an enriching and informal session with… 379 more words


CXO Leadership Series || Mr. Bhuvaneswar Naik, Global Head Career and Talent Management - SAP

Tapmi played host to Mr. Bhuvaneswar Naik, Global Head Career and Talent Management from SAP who was present to deliver the CXO leadership lecture. From the word go, Mr. 381 more words


SCOPE 2015 - Valedictory

SCOPE, the two-day Operations Conclave came to a successful end on 1st November 2015, with a positive remark by Mr. Narayanan Kutty, Senior Director – DHL, who said that it was, “Great to know that the core industry term supply chain has now come into the textbooks of TAPMI”. 173 more words


SCOPE 2015, Day 2: Socius – Make in India: A head start for building an export ecosystem

Excerpts from the discussion:

Mr. Narayanankutty, Senior Director DHL

Mr. Narayanankutty started on a positive note that India has come a long way in terms of export in many sectors such as pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, textile etc. 436 more words


SCOPE 2015, Day 2: Wordsworth – “Infrastructure is one of the major bottlenecks in today’s supply chain management.” – Mr. Narayanan Kutty Karayangal, Senior Director, DHL

Mr. Narayanan began his speech by giving a brief idea about the process of supply chain management. He said it is a complex and tedious process which involves sourcing, procuring, manufacturing, packing and transporting goods from one place of business to another. 163 more words