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Understanding the Sports Business Ecosystem in Digital Age- Mr. Subhayu Roy, Director-Content Sales Perform Group

On 18th August, Mr. Subhayu Roy, Director-Content Sales Perform Group, began an engaging session by introducing himself and explaining his experience in the sports business ecosystem. 254 more words


Leadership talk on “Career in business professional services” on 11/08/2017

Mr. Naru Navele, Partner at Deloitte, began the talk by sharing his father’s advice of how essential it is to have a spring in your step before you go to your work. 359 more words


COBCAM 2017: ECHO: Panel Discussion on "Is the creation of a bad bank beneficial to the banking sector? Can it replicate the advantages as seen in other countries?"

Mr. Sandeep Hasurkar, Vice President, IL&FS Renewable Energy Ltd.

Mr. Sandeep complemented students for their spirit in banking. He said that there are two to three basic issues in the case of bad banks. 667 more words


COBCAM 2017: ECHO: Panel Discussion on "Has excessive regulation in the financial markets disrupted the risk and reward equation?"

Mr. Supreeth Shankarghal, Hedge Fund Manager, Novo Investments

Mr. Shankaghal kept it simple by stating that regulation is necessary albeit many may not like it. He said that regulation is definitely needed but was unsure if it is excessive. 688 more words


COBCAM 2017 Inauguration Ceremony

The Inaugural Ceremony of COBCAM 2017 began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the Director, Dr. Madhu Veera Raghavan, Admissions Chair, Professor Aditya Mohan Jadhav, BKFS Representative Mr. 299 more words


Manthan 2017: Day 2: Guest Lecture 2: “How to analyse an investment idea- A true life example”- Mr.Ravi Sundaram, Senior Development Manager, iNautix Technoogies India Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Ravi S. started the discussion by quoting “Don’t invest for the sake of making money, but to gain an understanding of the market.” By taking the example of the pharmaceutical sector he is closely associated to, he explained concentrated vs. 263 more words


Manthan 2017: Day 2: Guest Lecture 3: "Credit Rating Perspective"- Mr. Shaik Mohammed Haneef, Deputy Manager Business Development, ICRA.

Mr. Shaik Mohammed Haneef from ICRA enlightened the students about the various types of credit ratings and how it is evaluated from the point of view of ICRA in his session on ‘Credit Rating Perspective’. 124 more words