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Night before training camp 

Warm up: 1000m row

Mobility: head to toe stretch

Strength: 3×5 225lb deadlift

WOD: 4 rounds for time of

-7 assisted pull ups

-7 dips… 19 more words


Lightspeed skies

Lightspeed over the skies blazing trails of whiteness abundance of brightness ..
The wish is yours to make don’t speak it now close your eyes conceptualize let the mind concive a wish from the stars.. 211 more words



Now look I”m in trouble, its a flavor of the rainbow, like no others that’s what keeps me in trouble..
I’m always looking that’s the color of flavors vari- differently in each part of the country… … 385 more words



The butterflies due eyes decives what four eyes perceive. Angelique whips of rare beauty born from the cocoon, beautiful darlings butterflies what eyes’ see, angelic beauty flies the butterflies of baffling beauty.. 37 more words


Entanglement (Classic)

Intertwined two energies in love two souls exchanging acceptance of energies simultaneously in harmony~ foreverº changing the electromagneticº size of the heart receptive◇ to the :’frequency & modulation obverse same frequency.. 173 more words


Loves Alive

Love will survive
loves stays alive
as long as you know
I will survive,
don’t just lay down
Love will survive
Love will never crumble, it’s always alive… 172 more words