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Month 13: We BOUGHT a Zoo and Walked the Great Wall of Biliran

I know that is the most exciting title of my whole mission so hopefully you are all jazzed to read this ;)

What a crazy and awesome week!! 978 more words

Mission Field: Philippines

Ligers, and Tigons, and Grolar Bears! Oh my!

What is a hybrid animal?

A hybrid animals is the offspring of two closely related individuals, not of the same species.  They are also known as cross breeds.   447 more words

AP Biology

Pokémon, Phalic Flowers, and Ligers: Katyohdear Has a Birthday

On the eve of the ten year anniversary of my 21st birthday, we attended a local pub quiz. Our team had previously challenged the quiz master about the lack of questions to do with anything post mid-80s, and were subsequently shamed as his “least favourite team name”. 619 more words


Ligers: The Ethics of Species Creation

The idea of a liger is an intriguing one. The combination of two of the world’s fiercest felines? It’s any child’s dream come true. But the reality of the liger’s existence- as well as other similar creatures- brings up questions about the ethics of creating such animals. 577 more words


The Tragically Hip - Music @ Work (2000)

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?”
– Charles Montgomery Burns

Paradoxically, depending on whom you ask, or what part of the album you ask about, … 561 more words

World most beautiful hybrid cats

World most beautiful hybrid cats

On a everyday day he will consume 20 lb of meat, typically pork or fowl, and is capable of consuming one hundred lb at a single sitting. 890 more words



“Liger” is known as the biggest animal from the cat family as well as the biggest carnivore present on Earth.


Liger is an animal which results from the crossbreeding of a male lion and woman tiger. 195 more words