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Zum Publikum: The Challenges of Experimentalism

Containing pieces composed in 1778 through to 1966 by Ligeti, Mozart, Prokofiev and Pärt, Oxford University Sinfonietta’s programme for their upcoming concert is one of the most diverse that I have seen this term. 1,165 more words


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On experimentalism

Friday Focus: L'Escalier du Diable by György Ligeti

Literally, ‘The Devil’s Staircase’, this is one of a number of solo piano etudes by the Hungarian composer György Ligeti, and perhaps the best known. Listen to how the piece is built from layers: at first, small patterns of ascending quavers, getting ever more manic; later on, chords build up underneath in slow motion. 40 more words


Top 10 classical composers of all time - Part 1

This is part one of a two-part post where I propose my personal list of the ten greatest composers of classical music. It is always risky to create such lists, in that some names who deserve to be included are usually unjustly left out. 906 more words


Kaip mane surado pasiuntinys iš Sirijaus

Šiandien startavo naujas tinklalapis doxa.lt, kuriame daug visko įdomaus!  Jame yra ir mano straipsnis apie tai, kaip susidomėjau šiuolaikine muzika:

Dabar girgždesiai, krebždesiai ir šlamesiai man tapo muzika. 37 more words


Black Seas of Infinity: The Alien Sound-World of Georg Friedrich Haas

Music, always inhospitable to ekphrasis or literary description, seems doubly so when it’s not even typically ‘musical’, which the sound-worlds of the contemporary Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas are not. 408 more words