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Just want to share few shots taken around the workplace during my lunch walk half hour ago using my old but still reliable Samsung, and quick processed in snapseed.


A Girl Into The Light

A Girl Into The Light

Times Square New York

It was within an hour before the sunset when I found the light peeking between the buildings in Times Square. 23 more words

Fine Art


These are some shots I made when walking around the city area at Bras Basah Road few weeks ago. I begin to think I can make many different long term series in the island I live for more than 10yrs now. 17 more words


Watching The Parade

Coney Island Brooklyn 2016

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Fine Art Photography

a theater of transference

A solid blue vertical something is like a curtain that has opened to reveal the theatre of objects sitting on a table.  The light casts dramatic shadows and still life objects assemble like players in an opera.   109 more words


UE4 RnD – Custom Shaders: The impossible one

Colored specular maps are a common feature of all offline renderers and a good deal of realtime engines, however Unreal does not support this in the 4th iteration of their engine, opting instead to rely on Metalness maps which while overall better looking can greatly limit the material possibilities.After countless hours looking through engine notes and online forums the only answer I got was that it was impossible and unsupported, while the alternative Fresnel solutions were subpar – looking like pearlescent paint at best (a material effect I already had)! 182 more words

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UE4 RnD – Custom Shaders: Realism vs Accuracy

While a large portion of the materials for the project are PBR metals where surface textures will added to material instances with altered properties, a few materials will use added effects like Fresnel effects to reflections or roughness to add a more cinematic feel to them – the example here would exaggerate the rim-lighting on some shapes with no additional work needed on the lighting environment. 50 more words

Reflective Post