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Nosferatu on Non-Sequitur Thursday

I am sitting here at my laptop, trying to come up with something suitable for a Non-Sequitur Thursday post, and I thought I would look through our downloaded pictures, to see if anything sparked a thought.   225 more words


I wonder...

I wonder where

 the winds of spring

drive the snow clouds


Beginning Drawing Class.. final class

This week we talked about value; the kids made value scales with different pencils and charcoals, then learned to apply it to basic shapes. Then we went back to our teapot and did a final rendering using all the techniques we learned. 8 more words


RnD with lil’ ol Me – Digital Photogrammetry

If it’s stupid and it works… it ain’t stupid…
Recently I’ve been trying to get some of my models to work with real time renderers to see if I can finally strike a balance between getting the damn thing to work and a level of detail that I am comfortable with. 368 more words


RnD with lil’ ol Me – Skin

Apart for taking ages to come up with a title for this segment that rhymes it seems that throughout my time messing about with 3D/2D stuff I may have picked up a few things from trial and error that others might have missed! 1,036 more words