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Whether at home or on the road I am fascinated by things I see on tables with their shadows and forms.

Amateur Photography

Light and shadows

Photographs are still born from our light,
Shadows like of that Corinthian woman

Who would trace her husband’s shadow
On the wall before body vanished in war. 31 more words


Call Me a Silly Little Donkey

Call me a silly little donkey. Call me a mad fool. Declare me out of my pretty little mind. That I may be! I see the treasure even in those who insult me. 73 more words

Bliss Blogs

Tell the Truth

I have a bible verse that has become a personal favorite of mine over the past year. It comes from Ephesians 5:11. It reads “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them” (NIV). 359 more words

Bliss Blogs

Light and Shadows

My son has always been interested in shadows. He always notices his own shadow and the shadows of other objects.  On Saturday night, after his bath, he ran over to his bed and began jumping on it. 237 more words

The Joy in Discovery...

Today, while I was making lunch, my son was exploring a bucket of water. I had given him these squeezable fish so that he could squeeze them, collect water inside the fish, and squeeze again to release the water. 366 more words

A Most Horrible Fate

Must I play

The fool’s game

And tell you 

Only lies?

Must I be

Your pawn

In chess—

And me start to


To weave a web… 85 more words

Light And Shadows