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ISF #44. Glamorous Coed Duo Spark Up Marlboro Reds On The Concourse

The first few hours of my first day of the 2014 Iowa State Fair seemed likely to be a repeat of the previous couple of years, with sightings few and far between, but in the mid-afternoon I got my first indication that the day was gonna be different than those early hours indicated.  738 more words

Jean Shorts

Mall #23. Wholesome Littering Tattoo Artist Takes Smoke Breaks Hourly

My favorite mall in the Des Moines area for sightings had a pretty weak year.  Part of the problem is the mall was under construction most of the year for a new attraction that just finally opened the week before Christmas, and that probably reduced attendance for much of the year in a mall that’s been in general decline since I moved to central Iowa in 2006.  1,312 more words


#54. My Favorite Sighting From My College Campus In 1996

I went to a small-town private college in rural Iowa at the nexus of the late 90s youth smoking boom and the beginning of the end of college campus smoking freedom, particularly indoors.  763 more words

Top-52 Random Lifetime Sightings