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AOF #8. Indiana Smoker Cutie Leads Nonsmoking Boyfriend To Wrong Spot For A Smoke Break

At one level, my first and last visit to the Indiana State Fair in mid-August 2017 was an unmitigated disaster, yielding only as many sightings during an all-day state fair event as a good evening at my local county fair would with a fraction of the attendance. 465 more words


MNSF #90. Early 20s Brunette With The Weathered Look Of A Long-Time Heavy Smoker Mutilates Her Cigarette

I was about to begin a string of greatness around the 5 p.m. hour of my first-rate Day 1 at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair, working my way back to the smoking area east of the grandstand.  648 more words

Top-100 Minnesota State Fair Sightings

MNSF #119. "Brandy" and Her Shirtless Boyfriend

My 30th birthday was August 25, 2007, and I just happened to spend it at the Minnesota State Fair.  And I got the best birthday gift I could have ever gotten with one of my best MNSF sightings day of all-time.  341 more words

Top-100 Minnesota State Fair Sightings

Mall #22. Hairstylist in Black Cocktail Dress Chainsmokes and Pollutes Without Shame

Arguably the worst week on the calendar for me every year is the week after Labor Day, with fair sightings season over and a return to my traditional bleak sightings landscape.  1,253 more words

Back-to-back Cigarettes