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Nerd Herder

I can’t stand being asked what I do. It’s basically like saying “hey, I really couldn’t be bothered thinking too much about this conversation, so here’s one from the book of booooooring”. 218 more words

Light Bulb Moments

Blank Canvas

It’s that dilemma when you’re searching your brain for something to write. No matter how many times you think you have an idea, it slips through your fingers or simply leads to a dead end; a blank canvas. 173 more words



I am raw. Pure emotion that makes breathing hard and believing reckless.

To feel so deeply can be a downfall.
The feelings come and go. Just as seconds pass to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. 114 more words


What I know today.

At some point, the voices in my head began overwhelming me so much that I’ve been forced to listen. What are the saying? Something isn’t quite right. 167 more words

Light-bulb Moments


I feel like a lot of events happen in our life and we don’t see or feel the significance of them until later… till after the dust settles. 508 more words


The Extremes

“Nothing could be dimmer than those torches, which allow us not to pierce the darkness, but to see it.” – Seneca

I came across that incredible quote in my latest read, …

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My Thoughts About The Alleged Thai Racist

I was scrolling on my Facebook news feed when I read an article about a Thai who was accused of being a racist because of his hateful posts against Filipinos. 881 more words

Light Bulb Moments