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The meat in the sandwich

One of the difficult parts of being a product manager means that you get caught between opposing forces all the time, often chewed up and then pooped out the other end. 112 more words

Light Bulb Moments

A Little Goes a Long Way

Are you a fixer? Are you a person who others seem to radiate to with their problems? If so, you must be a good listener with a good heart. 532 more words


Rise with the 'fall'

The spectacular colours of fall embody the sense of ‘letting go’, of embracing the present, accepting ‘what is’ and being in a state of readiness for what lies ahead. 670 more words

Slow down 'Mr. Rush'

As I sat wolfing down my breakfast and urging my son to take big mouthfuls of his cereal so that we could both get out of the door quickly and in time for his school and my appointment, something very interesting happened. 272 more words

Nerd herder

I can’t stand being asked what I do. It’s basically like saying “hey, I really couldn’t be bothered thinking too much about this conversation, so here’s one from the book of lame”. 218 more words

Light Bulb Moments

The moment is yours

Along the dreamy Venetian canals, I sat besotted with the sheer beauty of the place that had transported me back in time. I was reminiscing about the year gone by and what a roller coaster it had been with a string of bitter sweet memories.

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Blank Canvas

It’s that dilemma when you’re searching your brain for something to write. No matter how many times you think you have an idea, it slips through your fingers or simply leads to a dead end; a blank canvas. 173 more words