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Light Language Transmissions

Hello beautiful BEings of Earth! Hasn’t the energy been WiLd!? We have made the permanent shift to 5D and as such are being hastened toward our individual Service to HUmanity. 448 more words

Light Language

Light Language Prayer and Transmission from Sirius B

It has been an energetically active day today! An activation is in progress. I received two Light Language transmissions. The first was a prayer for balance and the second a message of activation from the Pleiadian Conglomerate near Sirius B. 189 more words

Light Language

Light Codes

Short and sweet.  While we’re each in a different place… for many the light codes/dna that are awakening in a new way/vibration simple need time… 268 more words

Spiritual Writing

No words...

Yet, I may type many.  I’ve been jamming to music and anchoring in this next pulse.  It’s a high and powerful one.  Feeling great and smiling.  688 more words

Spiritual Writing

String Theory

And in with the Super Full Moon… new seems to be waking up/coming online.  Yet this has been a process and many have felt for… 259 more words

Spiritual Writing

Painting in Acrylic: Look

Out of the blue I had an urge to paint, but this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to really get into it,  1,471 more words

Light Language

The Initiation - Light Codes - until February 20, 2018

The Initiation

via the Ancient Waters, Ancient Colors and Ancient Light Codes


In preparation via the Clear Quartz Clusters Energetic Elixirs – Ancient Light Codes… 1,245 more words

Carla Harren