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Painting in Acrylic: Farewell

I haven’t painted in months but yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I felt the need to paint again. I needed to express my experiences in 2017 and art was the best way to do it. 509 more words

Light Language

Light Language- What is it?

I realize that I have posted several Light Language videos without really explaining what the heck it is and why I feel it is important. … 510 more words

The Andromedans ~ Source’s Gift that You, Integrate These New Light Codes ~ Nov. 28, 2017

Posted by sananda website, 11/28/2017

By galaxygirl

Greetings Humanity! We are the Andromedans and it is our delight to connect with you on this day. 598 more words

Energy Update ~ We Have Upgraded to a New Cosmic Frequency! ~ Oct. 2, 2017

By Diane Canfield, 10/01/2017


All of 2017 has been packed full of upgrades. There are no certain amounts of Gateways, Downloads, Upgrades or Waves that happen at any given year or time. 1,114 more words


It’s not the first time I’ve been in nature and known I was receiving her energy/wisdom/medicine/reset.  While not all are outdoors kind of people, it can become a way.  196 more words


Energy Update ~ The Crystallizing Process of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba ~ July 23, 2017

By Adi Gaia, 07/22/2017

Since the latest crop circle-
“We are now in full progress of internal reconstruction occurring as a result of the crystallizing process of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba.
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Arcturian Recalibration Chamber of Light ~ Solstice 2017


Video by SolaraAnRa

Published on Jun 19, 2017

A Solstice gift for you dear Light Tribe ~ Recorded live at the Samadhi-Bliss Retreat at Casa Solara ~ but quite obviously meant for all who are guided to experience this session ~ it is a RECALIBRATION Chamber of Light direct from the Arcturian Medical Assistance team ~ plus a very lovely message from our dear star brothers and sisters.

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