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Oracle Deck Update and May Reading

Video update and reading using my Light Code Oracle Deck. InĀ the first few minutes I show off the actual paintings that I have completed since my last video. 93 more words

Light Language

From Lisa Renee about genetic engineering and social engineeringĀ 

Dear Ascending Family,
The war over consciousness is bubbling to the surface, with more pieces being exposed to the light of day for those who are willing to see. 8,017 more words

Messages from the Sun Of Warmth, Changes, Light, And Love

By Jelelle Awen

I lay down at the sun’s altar of sand and sea, receiving its gifts of coded energies and language in the light. I feel its warmth beaming down on me in varying degrees with subtle shifts in heat, intensity, and frequency from day to day. 645 more words

By Jelelle Awen

My Oracle Deck Arrived!

I got a package in the mail today. For the life of me I could not remember what it was I was expecting in the mail. 334 more words

Light Language

Recognizing Subtle Awareness and signs!

We need to recognize signs and miracles as they happen in our everyday lives. There are no miracles absolutely because entire existence is a grand miracle. 947 more words

Recent Art

I’ve been in a creative streak the past few days. In that time I completed a couple of new paintings I wanted to share with you. 271 more words

Light Language

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN: "Physical Body Density Binds Each to Physical Dimensions: Expansion of Consciousness Changes Physical Body Density, Therefore Physical Dimensions"

For those asking, the physical body density is what holds each to the lower dimensional planes of existence. You will see many physical bodies start purging, detoxing, cleansing and bringing those walls around the heart and veils from within the mind faster and stronger than ever before. 1,289 more words