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Commentary: Solar Flares

Since 2012, we’ve heard a lot about the potential destructiveness of solar flares. Setting aside the fear programming associated with these events, solar flares can be seen in a different light. 129 more words


The Soulstice Full Moon Gateway ~ 21-Jun-2016

The Soulstice Full Moon Gateway – 21-Jun-2016

It was my “plan” and intention to write this Note before the Soulstice Full Moon Gateway, knowing that celestial events don’t necessarily happen on Earth’s exact timetable. 1,708 more words

Energy Update: Facing the Fears Hidden Deep Within

One of my clients described the energy perfectly, it’s like we are in the boxing ring in the dark and we don’t know when the next hit is coming. 1,487 more words


Ingredients for Moving through the Transition with Ease - Galactic Council of Light

It is with great pleasure that we are here to speak with you today. The Ascension plan for earth and her inhabitants has gone as planned and has in fact accelerated in the recent weeks. 902 more words

Walking in your Mastery

So much is happening energetically and we can feel all over the place with our emotions. We are clearing timelines, past lives and patterns that need to go. 1,383 more words

Deep Integration taking Place

So many are wanting to know when this energy is going to let up. I wish I had an easy answer but the truth is that it is not.   1,446 more words