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Energy update 2-12-16


The energy is very intense and it is going to continue amping up until after the full moon on 2/22. During this time we will be undergoing DNA upgrades. 529 more words


You are being shown areas within that need Love - Quan Yin

Greetings! We are pleased to be able to report that tremendous progress is being made with in all those who have awakened and are awakening. For some this will come as a surprise because they feel as if they are on a never ending ride that only escalates in intensity. 1,389 more words

Quan Yin

Heavy Metals Hindering the Ascension of the Body

Recently the guides showed me why the physical body is having such a difficult time assimilating and integrating the light codes coming in. They say at this time this is a very critical issue facing all of us as we are constantly being bombarded with heavy metals. 1,489 more words


Mastering Anxiety during the Ascension Process

The anxiety that many feel as they go through this process can be quite crippling and make one question their sanity. When I started this process intensely a few years ago, I would wake and become overcome with anxiety and have to soothe myself back to sleep with guided meditations or Binaural beats. 1,342 more words


Walking in your Power and Trusting Fully ~ Sanat Kumara

We want to talk to you today about what is happening in your world. Many of you are feeling the flux of energies that are pushing and pulling you in directions you may never have anticipated. 1,181 more words


Higher Dimensional Access through the Chakras

I woke this morning, returning to my body with incredible clarity of the night’s lessons. As this does not happen often, I knew that this was information that needed to be shared widely and understood. 898 more words


Merging with your Highest Aspect - Sananda - Galactic Brotherhood

*It has come to my attention that some are put off by the term Galactic White Brotherhood. Understand that White holds all the colors of the rainbow and is a very high frequency of vibration that takes in all the colors. 1,552 more words