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Light Codes

Short and sweet.  While we’re each in a different place… for many the light codes/dna that are awakening in a new way/vibration simple need time… 268 more words

Spiritual Writing

No words...

Yet, I may type many.  I’ve been jamming to music and anchoring in this next pulse.  It’s a high and powerful one.  Feeling great and smiling.  688 more words

Spiritual Writing

String Theory

And in with the Super Full Moon… new seems to be waking up/coming online.  Yet this has been a process and many have felt for… 259 more words

Spiritual Writing

Painting in Acrylic: Look

Out of the blue I had an urge to paint, but this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to really get into it,  1,471 more words

Light Language

The Initiation - Light Codes - until February 20, 2018

The Initiation

via the Ancient Waters, Ancient Colors and Ancient Light Codes


In preparation via the Clear Quartz Clusters Energetic Elixirs – Ancient Light Codes… 1,245 more words

Carla Harren

Light Language- What is it?

I realize that I have posted several Light Language videos without really explaining what the heck it is and why I feel it is important. … 510 more words

The Andromedans ~ Source’s Gift that You, Integrate These New Light Codes ~ Nov. 28, 2017

Posted by sananda website, 11/28/2017

By galaxygirl

Greetings Humanity! We are the Andromedans and it is our delight to connect with you on this day. 598 more words