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Friends for Life - where friends can save lives

Friends for Life, by Andrew Norriss (Aug. 2015, David Fickling Books), $17.99, ISBN: 9780545851862

Recommended for ages 12+

Francis is a middle schooler that isn’t very popular. 336 more words

Tween Reads

Camouflage as a Concept

I don’t think this balloon understands camouflage. And I have promised threatened to buy MKL a pink camouflage hat for most of our relationship. He’s not a camouflage guy, much less a pink camouflage guy, but he is a hat guy, so… 48 more words


Just Dreaming.....

Just Dreaming……..
I was asked by a child of five the other day, “What is a dream?” And “Do dreams come true?”

So as I answered the questions in the terms I thought he’d understand; then it spurred my… 422 more words


Because I Used to Dream of Working for Mad Magazine

Some of you might be wondering, is there nothing more to your muse than sexual frustration and puerile fantasy? Yes. Occasionally I delve into humor and critical music theory. 571 more words


Comedy: When The Fed-Ex Guy Forgets To Set His Parking Brake

Sucks to ge that guy, but hey, at least the dogs got a good show.

Title: Sometimes Security Cameras catch a gem! (YT link) Uploaded by JWs Public Videos.


Humor: The Final Boss Of The Internet – Part 4

(Search this blog for the rest of this series, titled The Final Boss Of The Internet.)

Brave warrior, your journey is drawing to its inevitable conclusion. 128 more words


Humor: Gangnam Style - Han Solo Parody On 10 Minute Loop

My ex-wife would always say I did not have a sense of humor. I do, or at least I think I do. The original clip for this Han Solo parody is only 11 seconds long, and I know you’re going to watch this more than once. 40 more words