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Carry Me to Other Worlds

For now, I’m on a spaceship, onward to a destination whose long name ends in “-xax” followed by roman numerals too time consuming to decipher. 924 more words


The art of listening and understanding expression

So it strikes me that the world has its dilemmas at the moment, not to say it has not always had such problems and that today’s issues are kind of a re-packaged version of the various times different segments of humanity have reached a jolly old impasse. 1,911 more words


Those small moments

What will be the topic of this blog? It’s been a while and there is certainly no super exciting reason for that I quite simply have not found the time, not that it wasn’t there of course but I just couldn’t quite find it. 1,158 more words


Act 3- Losing my glasses and the revelations that brought... seriously

It has been a wee while since my last blog and there is a simple reason in that I could not see to write these past few weeks, not long after that last post I lost my precious spectacles which has the unfortunate result of limiting my ability to read, write, focus or generally function in the modern world. 1,175 more words



An engineer is a great multi tasker he can ignore so many things at the same time, like the fact that there is a teacher standing in front of him on board, that someone is trying to poke a pen on leg, or that someone is showing off their artistic skills on his white shirt. 330 more words


How Cheesy Teenage Romance Novels Are Ruining Romance

Okay, it’s been a while since I last wrote. I apologise, honestly the main reason is because I can not for the life of me think of a topic to write about. 818 more words


27 Ridiculous Thoughts A Woman Has During A Bad One Night Stand

When it come to a one night stand we have all our fair share of less than amazing encounters. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. 266 more words