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An engineer is a great multi tasker he can ignore so many things at the same time, like the fact that there is a teacher standing in front of him on board, that someone is trying to poke a pen on leg, or that someone is showing off their artistic skills on his white shirt. 330 more words


How Cheesy Teenage Romance Novels Are Ruining Romance

Okay, it’s been a while since I last wrote. I apologise, honestly the main reason is because I can not for the life of me think of a topic to write about. 818 more words


27 Ridiculous Thoughts A Woman Has During A Bad One Night Stand

When it come to a one night stand we have all our fair share of less than amazing encounters. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. 266 more words


The Only Way Is Geordie Shore? Reality TV, How Far Is Too Far?

If by now, you haven’t heard of any these reality TV shows that are all the rage you are probably living under a rock. There are numerous different shows dominating the airwaves from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Geordie Shore, TOWIE, shows dedicated to dance teachers, reality talent competitions, weight loss, modelling… You get it? 781 more words


College Deadlines and Exam Stress: Situations Students Seem To Find Themselves In

We all know too well, that feeling of overwhelming stress when the college year is coming to a close and we have a pile of assignments that seems to keep on growing faster than you can get them done and about 20 exams to revise for and sit. 805 more words


Robin Hood

Once upon a time Deep,well not that deep In the Kenyan highlands Right next to the mountain Ok i guess you get the picture now There lived my aunt She would wake up early and retire preety late She was a hardworker with a nack for nicotine Preety skilled too as her cosy cafe was popular in the tiny town She made a decent living and managed to educate her kids Take good care of grandma And still do the crossword everyday You wonder when she got the time Her room had all these books ‘the greats’ so to speak And her english eloquent obviously Now back to her story This is not a tale of the african woman and her endless wins over her culturally pre-determined life (what a mouthfull) It is a story of a little old thief As she would close the cafe as the sun went down Singing her way to the bus stop to take a matatu In the forming shadows of nightfall a thief would lie in wait Malice his only agenda,clearly i dont think he was there for the last cup if creamy tea Sorry,couldnt help myself With a key in hand he would open the back door Take just enough for his week and close up And if he had time take a chapati for the road You know a reward for a good day’s job Day in day out his Robin Hood-like antics puzzled her Ofcourse she didnt know who they were One day Robin Hood(yes i’m calling him that) Decided that charcoal and the now dozen chapatis were not enough Meanwhile,aunty suspected some pilferiging going on and changed the locks In typical kikuyu woman boss style she kept the only set of keys(Rick Ross song as background music) Robin Hood got wittier and with little john by his side broke in and stole her jiko And to make things worse this was her githeri jiko The fastest moving item on the menu Realizing what was going on She put on her ‘i’m going to catch them hat’ You could tell because her tea intake increased (Always read into the signs friends) She set a trap A mental trap for she realized Robin Hood was with her everyday Now she let small things pass A cup of milk,the ‘constantly single’ missing chapati a bit of sugar here and there… Once conered Robin Hood,sadly not as witty as i hoped said… 91 more words

Piece of Prose: In the Pelt of a Preditor

Just writing my thoughts down, not sure what will come out, enjoy! Note: This is not edited yet.

In the Pelt of a Preditor

The mouse stepped out, lion-heartedly, again today. 687 more words

Aspiring Author