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Insights | High Court ANZ penalties case

We have summarised the High Court’s recent judgment in the ANZ penalties case in a single page for your easy digestion below (legal boffins will get more benefit from trawling through 129 pages).   353 more words


On a Lighter Note...Problem Solving 101

So much strife exists these days.  And me?  Well I get on my blog and rant about the state of this world.

Then the latest incident hit regarding Apple vs. 419 more words


A Grecian exchange

My good friend Calligopoulos told me this story. I present it as told to me. He is beyond reach. He is ‘up there.’

A Greek man took his pants to the tailor to have a small tear repaired. 26 more words

My Views

Carry Me to Other Worlds

For now, I’m on a spaceship, onward to a destination whose long name ends in “-xax” followed by roman numerals too time consuming to decipher. 924 more words


My relationship with Grease

There are two states of matter – Fat and non Fat. These are differentiated by the amount of grease, either inherently present or added while cooking. 445 more words


The art of listening and understanding expression

So it strikes me that the world has its dilemmas at the moment, not to say it has not always had such problems and that today’s issues are kind of a re-packaged version of the various times different segments of humanity have reached a jolly old impasse. 1,911 more words