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Zucchini (Baby Marrow) "Ravioli"

3 – 5 Baby Marrows, sliced into strips using veggie peeler

125g fat free cottage cheese – add garlic salt, parsley, Woolies Chimichurri spice mix (optional) 86 more words

Light Meals

Veggie "Lasagne" (pasta free)

Makes 1 very generous portion!

100g butternut slices

about 200g home made marinara sauce (tomato, onion, veggie stock, Italian Herbs)

125g fat free cottage cheese mixed with parsley and a little bit of crushed garlic (if preferred) 82 more words

Light Meals

Lentil, Carrot and Potato Patties

160g cooked potato

50g grated carrots

100g cooked lentils

a squirt of sweet chili sauce

salt and pepper

Cajun or Moroccan spice

Mix it all together and bake in muffin pan at 180C for about 30 min, leave to cool before carefully removing from muffin pan.  24 more words

Light Meals

BBQ roast duck pancakes with Hoisin

I love duck! What is not to like about BBQ duck? Absolutely nothing. And it doesn’t come better than when it is smothered in hoisin sauce and rolled up in a delish soft pancake with a sliver of crunchy cucumber and spring onion.   548 more words


My Top 5 Vegan Sandwiches in Honour of National Sandwich Day (USA)

I’ve waxed lyrical about my love for sandwiches many, many times. The simplicity, freshness and adaptability of ingredients make a well-made sandwich one of life’s greatest (food) pleasures. 329 more words


Melon, Prosciutto and Kale Pasta Salad

Cantaloupe anyone? Don’t you just love that word? Buying seasonal produce is a great way of saving money and it forces you to be more creative with meal planning too, which, as anyone who has to prepare daily meals for their family can sympathise with.  409 more words

Light Meals

Summer Tomato Salad

This past weekend I popped in to a fruit and vege store I haven’t been into for ages and I felt like a kid in a candy store! 371 more words

Light Meals