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Light Meals: Root Vegetable Roast

The ProFit and I recently went on a mini road trip to West Virginia.  We stopped at the local Walmart, where my brother noticed beets for sale.  293 more words

Light Meals: Uyghur-Style Four Peppers

As you may or may not know, my brother (The ProFit), bases most of our staple recipes on things he’s tried in restaurants.  Being the… 218 more words

Hammered Eggs

I first saw eggs cooked in this way when I was a teenager, in a home where I was made to feel welcome even though I probably shouldn’t have been there at the time…..  255 more words


Light Meals: Fungus Sandwich

About a month ago, I tried a mushroom.  I’d tasted mushrooms in the past and always disliked them, but it turns out it’s just the canned variety that sucks.  277 more words

Roast tomato, sweet potato, ginger and coconut soup

It’s nearly the wrong time of year for soup, but with the cold snap this week, I thought I’d squeeze in another batch. We’re on the cusp of all the lovely spring veg now, so I’ll be leaving the root vegetables behind soon, but this is just the thing for a rainy spring afternoon. 395 more words

Light Meals

Summer Diet for Kids

Keep your child refreshed and belly full with these simple diet ideas for the sweltering summers in India!

Keep it Light

 Light meals are easier to digest for kids during the summers than heavy meals laden with oil, cheese or butter. 588 more words


Vegan Lentil Pizza

I’ve been fascinated by uttapam for a long time. Uttapam is a Southern Indian gluten free fermented pizza made from urad dal and rice. The last time I ate this it got me thinking… Could I make an Italian type pizza base using red lentils and oats – a Vegan Lentil Pizza? 492 more words

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