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Di's Stuffed bullhorn peppers

Di’s Stuffed bullhorn peppers

Serves 4

These red bullhorn peppers taste very sweet when baked and are great with the ricotta stuffing. Add anything else you fancy and omit the salami if you want the vegetarian option.    147 more words

Di's Roasted stuffed portobello mushrooms

Di’s Roasted stuffed portobello mushrooms


A meal for 1 or serves 2 as a starter

The portobello is a very versatile mushroom. Large and meaty, it is full of flavour and roasts just as well with only garlic, thyme and a drizzle of olive oil as it does with a filling combining lots of ingredients. 184 more words

The Saturday Kitchen - Traditional Cantonese Fried Glutinous Rice

The Chinese don’t often use glutinous rice in their cooking, but when they do, one of the most delectable dishes is fried glutinous rice. The moist nuo mai fan wrapped in lotus leaves, steamed with lup cheong (Chinese sausage), black mushrooms and chicken and served at dim sum is much more common the world over.  663 more words


LAVA by Fudge : Best Sellers and Must-try Desserts

If you love Fudge’s desserts, you’ll fall for Lava’s sweet treats even harder. Lava by Fudge carries its parent company’s (Fudge) popular desserts plus other exciting dishes that’s unique to the cafe.  820 more words

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Quirky cooking fried rice


Technically not fried rice, but it’s healthy steamed rice with vegetables chicken and bacon from Quirky cooking online recipes . Really efficient recipe , love how the rice cooks in the basket while the vegetables and chicken cook in the varoma dish and tray above.   32 more words

Light Meals

French Onion dip


Fantastic another dip to add to the favourites, onion dip made from real onions, usually make this dip using the maggi onion soup mix and reduced cream so was happy to find this one making dip from sautéing real onions and then mixing with cream cheese to complete . 35 more words

Light Meals

Vegetarian sausage rolls


Guided recipe for vegetarian sausage rolls from the basic cookbook . Also on the recipe community as attached in the link above . Excellent non greasy rolls , filling made from walnuts, feta and herbs. 14 more words

Light Meals