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Tuna Salad Wraps

A tin of tuna fish is an amazing thing. On it’s own it is bland and dry and not very appetising at all, but it’s what you can do to it that turns it into something eye-wateringly delicious. 573 more words

Light Meals

Sweet potato, sweetcorn and chorizo hash

I’m having a bit of a sweet potato love-in at the moment. Maybe it’s their enticingly autumnal orange colour, but I’ve eaten this dish so many times recently, I just had to share it. 280 more words

Light Meals

Rich Bean Soup

I know we’re well on our way to Summer down here in the southern hemisphere, but this is a delicious bowl of goodness that I’ve meaning to share for a while. 285 more words

Light Meals

Leek & Potato Soup with Crispy Garlic & Thyme Potato Croutons

Preparation time: 10min
Cooking time: 20-30min
SF, DF, GF, VG, Great for Kids

Leak and Potato Soup is and has always been an all time favourite and staple soup combination in the UK.   1,291 more words

Let's call it Crisper Soup!

As I have said before I am the queen of buying too many fresh items at a time and end up with excess …. so when I saw this I had to smile… 191 more words

Olive Oil

Split Pea & Cumin Soup with Apple Crisps and Thyme

Preparation time: 1hr-24hrs (Soaking time)
Cooking time: 1hr
SF, DF, GF, VG, Great for Kids

It is well and officially soup season and I am absolutely delighted about it. 1,106 more words


Autumn Salad

This salad is perfect for the transition from summery greens to autumn- winter comfort food! I love the mix of flavour and the sweetness that comes from the sweet potato and currents. 154 more words