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Chickpea and Avocado Spread (+ Sandwich Option)

I’m taking intermediate Italian right now.

Constantly Italian is floating through my mind. I walk out of class and say “Grazie” as someone holds the door open for me. 347 more words


Fresh Summer Chopped Salad with Homemade Seedy Crackers

Sometimes I hate flying.

Here are some of my thoughts from my flight yesterday.

1) Why yes, I was hoping to pay $3.50 for greek yogurt since I can’t bring in my own. 841 more words


Mole-Style Red Beans and Cilantro-Green Chile Quinoa

I’ve been trying this new thing in the kitchen.

Basically, I just go in and kind of throw together whatever I see into a pot. I call this the 50-50 method because 50% of the time it works and I make something utterly (hehe, utterly – I always think of cows) delicious. 258 more words


Fresh Summer Fruit Salad

You may remember me mentioning that I wanted to go berry picking in my summer bucket list. Well, I got a chance to a few days ago! 259 more words


Spicy Coconut Lentils with Kale

Summer Bucket List

1. Visit a farm and go berry picking. What’s better than picking your own fresh berries? Eating your freshly picked berries.

2.  325 more words



I met an interesting man in the grocery store yesterday. He looked at box of granola and soy milk and asked: “You have such curly hair. 490 more words


Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Cilantro and Lime

I’ve always heard that mosquitos bite the sweetest people. I guess that means I must be the sweetest person.

This past weekend I went to a little outdoor party in Syracuse. 291 more words