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Why the Sky is Blue

Throughout the day, we can see the tone of the sky change; From dark blue, to light blue, to the pure blue of noon, to a pale blue with flecks of pink, orange and red, through the fading progression of the indigo night sky. 371 more words

Scientists spot one of the brightest New Stars Ever

Thanks to an amplified image produced by a gravitational lens, and the Gran Telescopio CANARIAS, a team of scientists has discovered one of the brightest galaxies known from the epoch when the universe had 20 percent of its present age. 224 more words


Philippine Military Academy, view from Mt. Kabuyao

A few hours before this scene happened I didn’t really expect anything spectacular to ┬ácome out. The scene was gloomy and cloudy. It hopeless. Deep down I was praying for a miracle to happen. 118 more words

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Passing Through

Sun lights passing through the smoky cloudy sky with light rays on to the ground as I was passing through this beautiful mountain range on my trip back from the Rocky Mountain last week! Hope you enjoy!