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Is it practical design?

Being a Star Wars fan, I look forward to watching the newest release in the franchise – Star Wars The Force Awakens.

But, after looking at many posters of the film, I am intrigued by the design of the particular light sabre, held by one of the characters in the film (do not know the name, as I have not watched trailers nor read any other information about the film, yet). 405 more words


Might it be Possible to Make a Real Light Sabre?

So, I just had an idea.

If a hologram is light, surely we could fit a hologram projector into a fake light sabre bottom, make the hologram projector project a hologram of a light sabre blade red, blue, or green. 52 more words


Checking the box

I went and saw the latest Star Wars movie last night (I have already forgotten the full title). It was a box checking exercise and besides, I had to see what the hype was about. 940 more words

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Movie Commentary: Star Wars I

Here we go, episode I. Where it all started. At least, I’m assuming that. I don’t actually know. Note that there will be spoilers.

This episode starts with the usual wall of text. 1,809 more words


Irregular Choice Star Wars Shoe Collection

With my boring office job I can’t justify buying a lot of fun geeky pieces for my wardrobe, but I still love seeing what brands are releasing! 270 more words

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