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Different But Yet The Same.

The invitation came months ago and hinted that it would be a wedding with a difference.  A morning wedding and on a Monday morning at that!   559 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (IV)

This week’s fourth and probably final entry from me for the Weekly Photo Challenge is the reward a child gets from saving up to buy his first light sabre. 52 more words


Painting with light - a guide to painting without a brush

As I have mentioned, I work now and then for Imagine, Learn & Create, a local art group for adults with learning disabilities. I say work, I LOVE the guys there, they are just a joy to work with and I usually volunteer, buy now and then, I get paid to take photos and do a photography workshop. 228 more words

Imagine, Learn & Create

Enrico Fermi's Paradox and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Refutation of Enrico Fermi’s Paradox


The following is concerned with now, not ever.

Please note:

  • All that follows has the caveat ‘according to our best current knowledge’.
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He has got a red head and a blue body, he is...Mouse Spider?

During this entire trip(approx. 7 months) I haven’t seen any really dangerous or poisonous wild animals, no deadly spiders, no venomous snakes(no snakes in the wild at all in fact) and no flesh-ripping sharks, but this week it all changed! 309 more words


Hackaday Links: May 25, 2014

wanted his own light saber. You could argue that this is nearly as dangerous since you can’t see the beam and it doesn’t end a few feet past the business end of the grip. 255 more words

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