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Light sabre - 1st July 2012

I was looking for a light sabre night light…

but instead found a giant 6ft fountain pen.


Darth Vader with a Selfie Stick made out of Lego because Sunday.

Here’s a cute picture of Darth Vader and one of his minion Storm Troopers taking a selfie using a selfie stick made out of a light sabre. 153 more words


Light sabre rattling

Here’s something neat I spotted at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend: Some light sabre rattling and juggling in a corner of the Big 4 Building. Photos from Expo coming soon!


Light Sabre Science

Star Wars Light Sabre Science

Light sabre science.

All right. Who doesn’t want a light sabre? Please raise your hands.

Now will all of you with your hands raised, please leave this page. 94 more words


Different But Yet The Same.

The invitation came months ago and hinted that it would be a wedding with a difference.  A morning wedding and on a Monday morning at that!   559 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (IV)

This week’s fourth and probably final entry from me for the Weekly Photo Challenge is the reward a child gets from saving up to buy his first light sabre. 52 more words


Painting with light - a guide to painting without a brush

As I have mentioned, I work now and then for Imagine, Learn & Create, a local art group for adults with learning disabilities. I say work, I LOVE the guys there, they are just a joy to work with and I usually volunteer, buy now and then, I get paid to take photos and do a photography workshop. 228 more words

Imagine, Learn & Create