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Flight Bags from LightSpeed? …the BEST for ME!

Finding the perfect flight bag is like searching for Bigfoot… I’m not totally convinced it exists. Once I accepted this notion, I decided to try to find the BEST flight bag. 963 more words

For Pilots

SR #25: FTL Drive

We’re finally sliding into home plate in this series (it’s baseball season, so I get to use baseball metaphors now). After spending a lot of time looking into how… 1,303 more words


Time Dilation at Light Speed

Every time I watch a documentary about the cosmos and it’s laws of physics, I can’t help but feel that scientists just don’t have it quite right. 947 more words

SR #21: Paradox Resolved

So far this week we have Em taking a round-trip to planet Noether at half the speed of light. Upon  her return she discovers that, while she’s aged… 1,108 more words


SR #20: One-way Symmetry

Last time we watched friend Em make a six light-year trip to planet Noether while friend Al stays home on Earth working on Theories. It turns out that Al ages 27 years while Em ages only 23 ( 1,250 more words


SR #19: "It's Twins!"

We’ve covered a great deal of ground in the last four weeks. (Writing a series of posts this long is a new experience for me! I hope you’re getting something out of it, too.) 1,339 more words


Light Speed, Space and Time

I think that the speed of light is constant not because that is the nature of light, but because that is the nature of velocity itself. 193 more words