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The Philippines, A Naval Powerhouse From 1763-1821.

No one thought that the Philippines would become the forerunner in the space race. While the rest of us were devising plans to go back to the moon, and figuring out how to send a manned mission to Mars they were perfecting faster than light travel. 956 more words


Could computers reach light speed?

Light waves trapped on a metal’s surface travel nearly as fast as light through the air, and new research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory shows these waves, called surface plasmons, travel far enough to possibly be useful for ultra-fast electronic circuit interconnects. 381 more words


Flight Bags from LightSpeed? …the BEST for ME!

Finding the perfect flight bag is like searching for Bigfoot… I’m not totally convinced it exists. Once I accepted this notion, I decided to try to find the BEST flight bag. 963 more words

For Pilots

SR #25: FTL Drive

We’re finally sliding into home plate in this series (it’s baseball season, so I get to use baseball metaphors now). After spending a lot of time looking into how… 1,303 more words


Time Dilation at Light Speed

Every time I watch a documentary about the cosmos and it’s laws of physics, I can’t help but feel that scientists just don’t have it quite right. 947 more words

SR #21: Paradox Resolved

So far this week we have Em taking a round-trip to planet Noether at half the speed of light. Upon  her return she discovers that, while she’s aged… 1,108 more words


SR #20: One-way Symmetry

Last time we watched friend Em make a six light-year trip to planet Noether while friend Al stays home on Earth working on Theories. It turns out that Al ages 27 years while Em ages only 23 ( 1,250 more words