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The speed of DARKNESS 

​Today, “speed of dark,” is something we all are wondering about, and for that matter, the scientific nature of “speed” and “darkness.”

speed of light , one of the most important constants in physics was first measured by Olaus Roemer, in the late 17th century . 177 more words

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Flying Saucers are not Space Ships.

The world is going broke…

All the money is being siphoned into deep underground cities and all sorts of black opp’s technologies like, light speed capable disks piloted by hybrid humans. 169 more words

The Cargo Cult Scientists Will Love This

Some actual scientists, not the cargo cult creationist “scientists,” (I’ll get to them in a minute or two) have proposed a testable theory (the article mentions it possibly can be tested  with more incoming data) that the speed of light may have been variable in our early universe. 853 more words

Black Holes are a myth

Black holes are a myth it was claimed yesterday in a startling development which runs contrary to the majority of self-riotous TV boffins like the smug and grinning… 424 more words


Why do clouds light and thunder?

Why do clouds light and thunder? Where does this cloud lightning come from? We often see lightning and thundering clouds but what is this cloud lightning and where does it come from and why do clouds roar and rumble. 487 more words