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SR #9: Light Diagrams

This week I’ve introduced you to time-space diagrams. They’re the foundation of everything that follows in this series, so I hope you’re feeling very comfortable with them. 1,277 more words


SR #8: Space-Time Events

Last time I introduced you to the idea of a space-time event. In physics, an “event” has the same meaning as when Hollywood blares out about a “major motion picture event” — that is to say, nothing at all… 1,100 more words


SR #4: Two Rules

It’s Friday, and I’m sure you’re thinking about the weekend, so today will be just a review and some more details about the speed of light. 1,179 more words


Trailer Time: "The Leviathan"

While not your typical trailer, a proof-of-concept trailer essentially shows the audience what the filmmaker hopes to accomplish if the film itself is actually greenlit.  “The Leviathan” trailer is one such trailer from director Ruairi Robinson, whose short “Fifty Percent Grey” was nominated for an Oscar,  and screenwriter Jim Uhls, best known for the films “Fight Club” and “Jumper”.  132 more words


Special Al Day!

Okay. I’ve been teasing doubly special Saturday and (especially this year) since last Monday (and planting hints along the way). If you haven’t figured it out by now, today is… 969 more words

Special Relativity

Would Headlights Work at Light Speed?

By Vsauce via YouTube

If you were driving at the speed of light and turned on your headlights, what would happen?


Into Hearts

Into Hearts

Ages, eons trespass orbits,

Ships come and go

Exo-skeletal transitions~

A blink of the eye

Cosmos pass by,

While Constellations point to

Ripples in the ocean… 86 more words