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We Have The Answer! I Repeat: We Have The Answer!

Notify the media! Call a conference of Astrophysicists.. or er.. Theoretical physi.. I mean.. just call some scientists who know stuff about planets and stuff! 432 more words


And For Our Next Trick...

Gifted to the mystery from our Father’s grace
We reverse space and time by holding firmly
Hand to hand tightly unified in love’s grasp
Getting away from the lies appearing as truth… 16 more words


Science Fiction Books and Problems, And Things to Watch Out for While Writing

Recently, I’ve read a lot of science fiction books, the two main ones are:

1.Ender’s game series by Orson Scott Card (in chronological order of when the story starts): 1,175 more words


High-energy entertainment for all ages: Check out "Light Speed" in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — You can find some high-energy entertainment for all ages at a business on Milwaukee’s south side. It’s called “Light Speed” — and that’s exactly where Brian Kramp found himself on Tuesday, September 8th. 57 more words

Brian Kramp

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LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

By aamahmood

Source: 500px.com


Friday Geek Gear Is Here! Today's Theme = SPACEBALLS

Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for light speed!
Dark Helmet: No-no-no, light speed is too slow!
Colonel Sandurz: Light speed too slow?
Dark Helmet: Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to… Ludicrous speed! 20 more words


heading into heart of season


Clear blue sky all day, dry air after the muggies were cleared out by a cool front, and with a race planned for Thursday (can’t decide between a 5k and a 4 miler, looks like more people I know will be at the 5k but I wouldn’t mind a do over in a 4 miler on a more comfortable evening), did six 200 meter stride outs on the track just to shake out the legs some.   50 more words