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Ara Güler

“Ara Guler ‘s life as he ran after wars, coups, civilizations, disasters and people which changed the fate of the world. These pages bear witness to the efforts and the price Master Ara Guler ended up paying to be able to be in the right place at the right time…” 155 more words

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Mary Ellen Mark

“Documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who has had her photographs featured in publications such as Life, about kids living in the streets of Seattle which became the foundation for the Academy Award-nominated documentary… 313 more words

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"the possibility of meaning"

Learning about “the possibility of meaning” and the connection between pictures gave me an idea and a right path on how to approach my topic. Documenting and investigating a community and after organising the pictures into a coherent story… 281 more words

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_my thoughts_

We are living in a moment where everything can be done by the internet. Even the tiny littlest bit. Calls, pictures, information, social activity, and music. 1,200 more words

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_Bill Brandt_ documentary photography

_what is their approach to photography_

“Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried.” Bill Brandt

“He did not adopt the unusual viewpoints of some Modernist photographers. 439 more words

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_to belong _

I slightly changed my topic and decided to take pictures of the disabled community, moments of them showing us that we all have the connection and same interests, happiness, and expressions. 245 more words

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Disco Bunny Rechargeable Light-Up Rabbit by Evolved Novelties

A classic rabbit shape meets powerful motors and silky smooth body-safe silicone in this 24-function experience that will turn your bedroom into a disco.

Two powerful motors are located right where you want them, in the tip and the bunny. 136 more words

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