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My friend Cameron got the coolest shoes last week. They are literally the most awesome, beautiful, colorful shoes I have ever seen. I have always admired Cameron’s style, she tends to where a lot of black but these shoes bring such light to her wardrobe (literally) . 150 more words


Фестивал на фенерите в Киото / Lantern festival in Kyoto

Наричат го Ханатоуро (Hanatouro) или фестивал на фенерите. Всеки март той се провежда в старата част на Киото, Хигашияма (Higashiyama), което ще рече Източната планина. Хиляди фенери и всякакви други видове лампи, както и прожектори, осветяващи все още голите дървета и сградите превръщат района в приятно и романтично място за разходки и снимки. 487 more words


How to Make Light Up Marquee Letters (with video)

Light up marquee letters aren’t only for Hollywood stars anymore… watch the video below to see how you can create your own!


Finding Purpose - Part 1

I read a lot! I love reading. I love to research things and learn new things. I especially love to teach what I learn. I am a traditional reader. 846 more words

Light Up


It’s here, the DIGITAL REVOLUTION has spread like a virus and cyberspace has been created.

Technology is astonishing – look at the impact it can make in this world. 17 more words

Becoming YOUer - the best version of you

Welcome to the month of March!!

This month I want to begin focusing on finding purpose and the fruit of the Spirit.

There is a version of you that God sees. 793 more words

Light Up


Having a fun Saturday? I had a very calm relaxing day. Got up around 2pm :P then made a broccoli soup-no oil at all drank lots of water with cucumber and read few pages of an yoga book, its in swedish i borrowed it from the library about a week ago, seemed pretty catchy and easy to read after my lunch I exercised and sweated a lot goooshhhh it was so refreshing and i love it when it hurts like i could really feel the burning fats aaaahh u kno the feeling… 248 more words