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Looking up

Lifting up my head
I know it will be all said
Life’s all a moment



The end to tears

If you think that your tears and weeping will ever move God, you’re very wrong. God is only moved by your faith. Our faith marveled God and provokes Him to stretch His arm towards us. 403 more words


Let The Beast Out

Was it the smell, of incense burning in the window, the lingering taste of red wine on the lips, the sound of crickets filling the night sky? 852 more words



what is that behind your eyes? it is more than i have felt in my entire life. it speaks volumes when you cannot; deceives the lies you sell. 255 more words

I don't care who you are...

…this is beautiful, isn’t it?

I stood there for a long while, I remember, pondering the way Nature took a rather straightforward source of light in the Sun and managed to smudge its colours to a point where it becomes art. 40 more words