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Star Smash

You’re a star smash like an infinite career
And you’re never getting out once you come inside my sphere
And collisions override the softer sides of us… 107 more words

A Battle That You Won

You sowed a seed inside my heart
That no army can storm
Though they can try
To build bridges and bloody defences
Over the tides… 115 more words

Optics: 6) Experiment that changed our thinking

today I will again write about optics but I have to return at the very beginning of 19th century when Thomas Young proved that light is behaving like a wave. 506 more words


So I came across so many Potter fans these past few days, i have been basically procrastinating this nomination so that I could find a really nice quote.

80 more words

Funnel Vision

Darkness surrounds us as we drive our life toward a direction. People get hurt, some get scared, and others move at a safer speed. You hit a bump here and there but you keep driving. 159 more words