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The dentist has been drilling
deep inside my mouth
readying the pier holes
for a bridge from north to south.

My blissful gum’s been sleeping… 171 more words

Poetry Friday

Lady Flashlights-For-Eyes

Lady Flashlights For Eyes,
Can you knit me a sweater
That shimmers in the fog
And keeps out the weather?

Lady Flashlights For Eyes,
Little Toronto’s taken ill. 74 more words

Bleached Girls: India and its Love for Light Skin

21 July 2017 |Neha Mishra and Ronald Hall | The Conversation

“Let’s scrub out that tan” is a common refrain in beauty parlours in India, where girls grow up with constant reminders that only fair skin is beautiful. 618 more words



We want you to know this is a TEAM you are here for us and us for you . We are only a prayer away and take all praises and prayer request to the Lord as we receive them . 6 more words

Extend that moment

If it is unexpected and unpredicted, it is real; it is true. When we are taken by surprise, when we are seized and ravished by the experience of being stood upside down, the mind stops. 20 more words

Keith Ashford