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Freedom to Roam

Wheels glow in anticipation

Smoke ferrets its way

Into the blue-black horizon

Finding my way and feeling

The rolling thunder beneath

Sticky in its tar-stained beauty… 38 more words


Happy Glow

I think that happiness is our default state and every other emotion is temporary.

The goodness in people can been seen in their eyes, their smiles, and can be felt from their hearts. 91 more words


Stepping on toes...

When offering to help, or simply choosing to share an affectionate moment with others, leads to getting in the way EG..

Being too pushy and eager to fit in, to be accepted or included, is perceived as taking something away from someone else – bringing matters to a head REMINDER… try keeping a level head instead of reacting… 237 more words


Life opens up to a new dimension of beauty when we begin to love others not for what they deserve; but by loving them so that they can operate at their highest potential. 42 more words

ID: Poetry - Nightlight of the Heart

Photography & Poetry by M.C. Infynit

Nightlight of the Heart

Turn on our heart's light
To illuminate fears night
Shining love so bright

Copyrighted © 2017 M.C. Infynit

Guide to Singapore Night Festival

(Source: www.timeout.com)

When the sun sets over the city in August, a carnival rises in the form of the Singapore Night Festival. Street performances, Instagramworthy light sculptures, and art installations both monumental and intimate turn the sleeping city into a hotbed of culture from August 18 to 26. 122 more words


Opening the shutters

Resistance invigorates your opponent. (You can watch it happen.) Therefore, resist nothing.

What happens to darkness when light floods the room? Where does it go? What went?

Keith Ashford