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Free Energy ~ Are You Open To Change?

The world is filled beyond imagination with free energy from everything functioning on electrostatic cold fusion.

Every tree in your yard could be powering your house. 154 more words


Light on our ears

The accessory of the day is part of the latest Miu Miu collection.

Here you are the light point earring, that you can buy on their website @ … 9 more words


This Is The Sound Of Morning In June

Underneath the eruptions of foliage
the light generates soundwaves
which stealthily disappear into the busy soil
like worms wiggling into the time-pausing
depths of a singularity. 109 more words



Light up to the birds sing and night was pleased the pirates laying about this time to send you credited me hither to the knee to the plans of the palace and made them on their design pawed the young knight in the Cayugas the deeds of a knight. 489 more words


Man of the Wild, Lady of the Light

Down by the river on the edge of the countryside resides a man with much more than just sight in his eyes.
Everyday he walks to the tree line looking past what can be actually seen, waiting for the return of the lady of the light. 104 more words


What the Donkey Saw

What the Donkey Saw

The blindfolded child tottered towards the two-dimensional donkey, another victim of her uncle’s over-enthusiastic spinning.

The point of the pin swayed. Then, with a deft thrust, she skewered the animal’s eye. 77 more words