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him a talker

me a visitor, a looker, and and a skeptic.

I happened upon a gallery yesterday, the Robert Kananaj Gallery, on the second last day of a show by Oscar Figueroa called ‘me a talker’.    270 more words


The Servant - A Season of Dedication

As Christians the traditions associated with Hanukkah are unfamiliar. However, this annual celebration of the rededication of the Temple is filled with Messianic hope. What many Jews celebrate with hope yet to come, we can commemorate as a memorial to the LORD’S Messiah, Jesus Christ. 513 more words

A Season Of Dedication

Shortcuts, Missed Trails, Soft Light, Woody Scenes

Dear Diary,

I found a shortcut today, one of those little paths you notice but never take for some reason. We’ve lived here for three years and have, like most people in the neighborhood, taken advantage of easy access to a private golf course up a road a little. 207 more words

Number 12 - Claudia Delicato

Rays of light in the corridor. Tracks of electromagnetic spectrum in floating dust. Bathroom’s door is open. I stretch my leg to plunge my feet in. 115 more words

Evening Shadows

As darkness descends and starts to blot out what was once more easily seen, lighted windows provide keyholes to the interior lives of our backyard neighbors.


New Do

Blog 20

You know sometimes you just get that feeling, a whim to do something. Well I did today, I messaged someone on FB and ended up having a really cool chick come round to my place to cut my hair. 86 more words