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Is a quadruple rainbow possible?

Yes, although very rare, it is possible for a human to see four natural rainbows at once in the sky. A rainbow occurs when white sunlight scatters off of raindrops in the air. 786 more words

Earth Science

The Center

Standing in the center thoughts flee from the midnight hour

I ride the black mercurial liquid to its elevation point in serenity

Bursting through the rainbow of painted colors designed for my skin… 10 more words


This may just be the biggest idiot in the entire world

The ignorance of this driver is enough to make your blood boil.



So I decided today that in going to start addressing more of the health aspect of my blog. I’m going to begin doing this by sharing with you some of my healthy and yummy recipes! 173 more words


Does reading about the world make one worldly, does traveling the world make one worldly, does speaking multiple languages make one worldly, does donating to charities in different countries make one worldly, what about recycling? 411 more words