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No Darkness Whatsoever

1 John 1:5b can be translated “God is light and darkness doesn’t exist in Him even slightly.” 205 more words

Theology Thoughts

I Am

I am blind,

Yet I can see.

I am deaf,

Yet I can hear.

I am mute,

Yet I can speak.

I am the dark, 121 more words

Short Writings

Inner Soul...

Despite the rain,
his outside appearance shows no pain…
A million thoughts running through his brain, 111 more words



No light

No clarity

No hope

No peace

No sun

No joy

No respite

No end

Only God

Brings the


To clear the way… 10 more words


The light fades as I feel myself drifting back into another daydream. Though perhaps it would be better called a “daynightmare”, if that even makes sense. 178 more words


Skull Dendrites!

Sweet potatoes poetess stylus lustrous truss rusticated stechtomy mytochondria medallion lioness gazes deep into skull culverts vertical calories.

Low owl vowels wells elves vespers pert eristic sticklers leery leary timothy mothballs snowballs slabs labs parks sparks arks noah whoa an oath though tough huge rogue gels, 93 more words