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All Systems Restored

Alrighty kiddos!  How is everyone doing?  It is pouring down rain here.  A good day to rest/sleep although yes, some are back to the grind.  Last night as I was journaling, I was thinking this is a special time indeed.  395 more words


Is a LIGHT body... real?

I’m not sure when I first heard the term, lightbody.  I am sure it was years after I aligned to the lightworker word.  I’d bet I read it several times before it even caught my eye and then caused my mind to pause… and start wondering.  495 more words


Mystical Initiation: The Mer-Ka-Bah (Your Light Body Vehicle) StarreCarr

Your Inter-dimensional SpaceShip.

This is My Formal “Initation”for any and all that read this Intro To My Site and how My Process and Business Began. Maybe you know Some or more than I do on this subject if so feel free to share with me your knowledge. 1,251 more words

If one were to take a plant and burn it to ash, and then take that ash and boil and evaporate it, the residue would be pot ash. 673 more words

Soul Love

It’s soul love
coming from my heart

In the backseat of my mind
there is something forgotten
it is luminous and kind
my lightbody, it is Merkaba… 62 more words

Retired Lightworker? Part II

It’s good to take a little break… isn’t it?  Welcome back and thanks for reading!  1,605 more words


Night Light of the Soul

Many write on the Dark Night/Knight of the soul.  While it can be a night, it may also be a season or even for a lifetime.   253 more words