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Energy Sensations - Update February 9, 2018

Photo – current Schumann Resonance spikes ~ February 7th – 9th

I just wanted to do a quick update…

November and December were so strange for me.  1,071 more words

Energy Sensations

String Theory

And in with the Super Full Moon… new seems to be waking up/coming online.  Yet this has been a process and many have felt for… 259 more words

Spiritual Writing

1/11 light + human body

I started this as a note to self  (and seems to piggyback on today’s earlier post) so keeping as is and sharing:  A week of feeling/thinking oh so hopeful and happy and yippee !!  417 more words

Spiritual Writing

Being prepared

Yes, many are feeling integrations… or (continuing in) clearing work.  For some it may seem ho-hum/quiet/uncertain – just do the best (or bold) as one can.  452 more words

Spiritual Writing

A Cosmic Christmas

Alrighty light and loves… it’s been busy… yes?  It also seems that we have some Spirits of Christ mas past, present and future, LOL!  Visit/enjoy/be aware and smile.  292 more words

Spiritual Writing

Our Amazing Body

So I share as I’d never imagine… and this is written from a certain perspective and moment.  Years ago I noticed my body was starting to feel some unusual things.  775 more words

Spiritual Writing