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Jan. 26 Lightbox Creation

Each year they have a big photo competition. In it’s 38th year, the Photography Regional exhibition is the local exhibition to get selected into. First there’s a… 190 more words

How I make my Youtube Videos

When I first started making Youtube videos I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I was filming my videos with an old camera in my window and using a toilet roll as a tripod, what a professional! 579 more words

New Blog

Rabbit skull

This post won’t be for everyone; it’s perhaps grisly or macabre, but if you have any interest in animal anatomy you might like it.

On a volunteer day we found this skull, so I’ve identified, washed, and photographed it of course! 157 more words


Item of the day: Cinema lightbox from Firebox

I’ve seen these lightboxes pop up on a few of my favourite blogs lately and I really want one. It appeals to the film geek in me and would look pretty incredible in the office. 29 more words


DIY Lighting

So I don’t know that I would label myself a food blogger per se but at times I blog and there is food involved.

And let’s not even pretend I have great kitchen lighting to capture the essence of whatever I’m trying to show you at the time. 575 more words


My latest find...

And how to communicate with teenagers successfully…

After Christmas I received hundreds of sale emails from various interior shops.  One of them was from Cox & Cox… 225 more words