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Sundown, you better take care

Artist – Gordon Lightfoot

Album – Sundown

Released – February 1974

Label – Reprise

Producer – Lenny Waronker

Lightfoot has a talent of diminish the meaning of his lyrics through his voice, which allows a wide audience of listeners to enjoy his work. 384 more words

Music (1974-Present)

Katie and I have been talking a lot about music in recent days.  The conversation was born out of a question posed over an empanada at… 1,411 more words


Three houses. Fifty years apart. Two people. One great musician. Come inside.

Gordon Lightfoot, songwriter of such hits as “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and “Sundown,” writes songs in total isolation and composes in big batches. 1,544 more words


Lightfoot Halfling Rogues and Sneak Attack

Part of the reason why a few of my players and I have been doing one-offs and casual D&D games is to discover balance issues in the game, places where the rules are very up in the air, or situations that don’t actually have concrete rules. 889 more words


ALBUM: 'Lightfoot' - tide/edit

The local scene’s breed of instrumental rock bands (of ranging styles – with the word ‘ranging’ used loosely), although touted as a dark horse some two, three years ago, was oftentimes regarded as a fad, a trend. 602 more words


Dragon Kings and Pomegranates

Two things come to mind the beginning of November.  Gordon Lightfoot’s song:  The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald:

and this passage from Moby Dick. the Whale: 422 more words


TRACK: 'Eleven' - tide/edit

tide/edit is, evidently and something that you should know by now, a practical band: adept, industrious, and most of all, fully conscientious. They operate within today’s largely laissez-faire system wherein they know what they want and they take charge of that desire, steering it to the direction they have chosen, with the undue pressure that has been put on them, not coming from others, but from their own selves. 135 more words