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How it is done: Deconstructing Bruce's fashion and nudes photography lighting techniques.

An informative description of how Bruce Smith uses his fashion and nude photography lighting techniques, produces and finishes his fashion and fine art nude photographers images. 79 more words

Handling light: Diffusing harsh sun

When you first start taking photographs, you tend to greet a bright, sunny day with excitement, thinking this will be an ideal day for taking pictures. 580 more words

Flower Photography

Lighting Techniques of Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Digital photography is mostly concerning a method where the background image of a photo/video is changed by an additional picture digitally. The strategy is called so, since the green color is normally… 411 more words

Photography Lighting

Tyler Hache...

I’ve been meaning to share these images for quite a while now. I had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented musician Tyler Hache… 81 more words

Jess & Nico... A Fitness Shoot...

I always love shooting fitness. The work these people put in to get their bodies ready for competition is nothing short of amazing. Being trusted to take images that reflect all that hard work is always an honour. 25 more words

Jean and Kelley... In Halifax...

I met Jean and Kelley after the agency I co-own with my wife signed their daughter. They are 2 of the most wonderful people I have ever met, very supportive of their daughter and are always very interested in learning more about photography and the modelling world. 115 more words

Lighting 101: Give Your Videos a More Professional Look

If you are wondering how to improve video quality, start with lighting. Good video lighting will produce a more professional result, regardless of the video camera you are using. 814 more words