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Alexandre... In Studio

Alexandre of Scout Development Agency had been working his ass off with his fitness and so we wanted to do some images to showcase that. He has a great sense of style and is always really awesome to work with! 43 more words

Ashley... In Studio...

This is a set of images shot in the studio with Ashley a little while back. I wanted to accentuate her hair and freckles so we kept the wardrobe neutral and I wanted to use the greenish background to compliment those features. 69 more words

Monique's makeover shoot...

A little while back Belle by Joelle, Boho and Braids and I were approached by Ego Studio to offer a makeover experience. They ran a nomination initiative through their social media and Monique was chosen over approximately 90 other nominations. 772 more words

Taylor... In Studio

A set of images from a test shoot with Taylor in the studio a little while back. She is such an absolute pleasure to work with and I really look forward to working with her again!!! 38 more words

Production 1 - Lighting Technique Critique - Vittorio Stocchetti


The subject is properly placed in the rule of thirds towards the right side. The key light appears to be on the left side of the subject which is giving a proper light to illuminate the main features of the subject. 96 more words

Production 1

Fall Beauty with Vivi...

I’m very excited to share the full set of these images that 1968 Magazine featured on their website earlier today (check it out here) 141 more words

Mylene… Wearing Overman... NSFW

This is a set of images from some time ago in the studio. I had approached Matt of Overman Jewelry and Art about using some of his pieces for a shoot. 97 more words