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Portrait Lighting and its techniques

Portrait Lighting and its techniques


Portrait lighting the word, we all heard about this recently. Yes, Portrait lighting is the new camera feature in Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  339 more words

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Low-key lighting

Low-key lighting can be identified by the used of harsh shadows which tend to fill the majority of the frame. This lighting style is not the most flattering, but is excellent for creating moody and mysterious images due to the impact the deep blacks.  990 more words


Border Collie Portraits

Here is a portrait from a few days ago. Although I often light situations using strobes and other off camera sources, this was shot using all natural light. 25 more words


The Power Of Portable Light

I have traveled 4,625 miles to get this image. I’m stumbling through the volcanic landscape in the murky predawn darkness trying to find the Moai statues. 185 more words


Lighting Tools and Techniques

Post twenty-five.

Even for the most experienced of photographers, reaching a certain point in their career doesn’t mean they’re done learning. Just like any other profession, there is always room to further one’s understanding and capabilities. 525 more words

April 26th, 2017: Crissy Fields (Lighting - indoor vs. outdoor)

It’s been a while since I posted an update regarding what I’ve learned in photography. Due to all of the technicalities and details I need to focus on in order to create a great image, it’s definitely taking time to perfect! 884 more words