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It’s Thursday and I am already looking forward to the long 3 day weekend…I’ll be heading to Yosemite for a hiking adventure and I can’t wait. 68 more words

Wood Shim Document/Book Holder

Parts:1. Wood shims 2. Wood glue 3. Duct tape 4. Spring clamps Glue wood shims together 1. Glue wood shims together to form a solid piece of wood 2. 31 more words


Glow River Bench

Just a little fun with an old piece of barn lumber, some glow powder, and epoxy Routing the river After running an old piece of barn wood through the planer a couple times, I looked at the wood and there was a really cool knot and hole in the middle of it that looked like an island. 9 more words


Home Improvement

More often than not if you re a home owner there will come a time that you will need to make either minor or major repairs on your home. 525 more words

Lighting Design 1 of 5

For my Lighting Design unit at University, I had to present a set of images that displayed a consistent lighting and camera technique. I have used long exposures, intentional camera movement and focal length adjustments to capture this set. 32 more words


South Pacific Crate

Today Im going to teach you how to build an ammo crate for a play!!! STARTING OFF To start off you will need a long piece of wood (2×4). 34 more words


South Pacific

About To Tell You How To Make Boxes For The Play Final Product This is the end result of how to do the boxes for the play South Pacific. 42 more words