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Desk organizer and a box

Press fit technique is very useful, you may be able to make tow or more object using the same parts by assembling the parts within different ways. 33 more words


Let the Sunshine In

Simple idea to use the windows as lightning equipments. (Solar Charged) The mirrors Fixing two mirrors on the size of the window, looking in each other. 27 more words


Night Lighting

Many of us wake up in the night and get up from their beds to drink or anything else, you open your eyes but the light is turned off then you get up from the bed and you barely can see your hand, you start walking and suddenly you hit anything. 16 more words


DIY Wooden Stick Lights

Hello, it has been a long time since I read instructables and this is my first one. I assume that I will not enter in every details but if you need some, that would be a pleasure to add them :-)At the beginning of the year (2016) I started this project and here is what I’ve done :palo is a light sti…
By: unclescrooge

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Lucas Carbide Lamp Converted to Multi Colored LED

I picked up this Lucas Carbide lamp a while ago from a antiques fair, i wasn’t really sure what it was or how it worked, but being of an engineering mind decided it looked nice and brought it. 25 more words


Exercise 4.4 - Lighting the lion (a mistake to learn from)

For this exercise I chose to light a soft toy lion. The reasons for the choice included the surface texture and the mane, which I hoped would pick up rim lighting. 572 more words

Part One • From That Moment Onwards...