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Well, Spring 2017 semester is well underway and after calibration exercises to help students learn the abilities and limitations of their cameras in the lighting class I did a demo for the 2nd shooting assignment: a Product that is solid with texture. 393 more words


Hey, how you doing ?Here’s a shelf that one can fit anywhere without spending much time.Well, Escamotable is a French word meaning "foldable". Yep, it means that this shelf is a foldable shelf. 25 more words


Hampton Bay Lighting Models For The Property

Hampton Bay Lighting selections permit you to update and beautify your property with coordinated selections of lighting fixtures for that inside and outside of the home. 22 more words

Log Holder for Hand Sawing

This is simply a convenient and easy to build jig that can help to hold logs whilst you saw them. I always found that when I clamped logs down to my bench for sawing that they always wriggled loose due to the fact that they’re round. 19 more words


Bent Lamination Pen

I created this video as a submission to Bill Livolsi’s (of One Car Workshop) No Lathe Pen Challenge.I ripped a thin strip of maple on the table saw and cut segments to match the brass tubes from pen kit. 23 more words


Concrete & Copper Lamp

Since modernity, design has become a substantial contributor to some of the major issues we’re faced with today. Particularly environmental decay and social iniquity. We need a new way of thinking about what makes for good design. 17 more words


CNC'd Bento Boxes Made From Port Orford Cedar

My family eats a lot. We also love to host dinner parties. We go on picnic adventures. For this Instructable I will show how to make beautiful, durable, stacking ovoid cedar boxes to transport any kind of food from the kitchen to the world. 18 more words