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UVIVF Photography

UVIVF is a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?  Just when you thought acronyms were supposed to make things easier, “ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence” comes along and says otherwise. 175 more words




Shot details:

  • ISO 200
  • 1/800
  • 108mm + 17mm macro extension tube
  • natural light from window coming from behind through the glass
Project 365 2017

Neaco balustrade available with integral LED lighting

Architects and interior designers can add an atmospheric touch to their scheme with Neaco’s contemporary balustrade featuring integral LED lighting.

The LED under-lighting can be specified as part of a multitude of modular design options including a comprehensive choice of infills, from toughened glass and rails to mesh, tension wire and perforated panels. 140 more words


The Poet - 5: Software

The software for this one is quite simple. Five patterns (lighting effects) are predefined. The software displays a pattern for a few seconds (the exact time is randomised) and then selects a different random pattern and fades to that one. 572 more words


Wooden Chef Knife

It us been a very long time since I’ve made a knife. Knife making is what really inspired me to become a maker. Now I’ve been making since I was just a little chap but my present maker philosophy started with two knives. 20 more words


Cherry Pi Knives (Cherry Wood Pie Knives)

Want to make a gift that has double the charm by being homemade-with-love combined with being punny? I introduce the Cherry Pi knives. A knife cut out of cherry wood, used to divide pies, and decorated with the Pi symbol to remind everyone of its purpose.Wooden knives my not seem like the most usefu…
By: CrazyClever

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