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Landscaping Cumming

Landscapes and functions are important because they make a significant contribution to our well-being and quality of life. They offer the broader context in which we live. 435 more words

Bed Edging

How to Make a Simple Dancing Light (Very Low Cost)

DANCING LIGHTS, from the name it clarifies about the lights. These are the lights which can be used in Party Functions, DJs etc.The lights glow according to the beat of the speaker. 25 more words


Review - The Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard is a Minimalist beauty

(Source: gameaxis.com)

Review – The Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard is a Minimalist beauty

RGB lighting, glossy plastic, and ostentatious designs may appear to be the hallmarks of premium gaming keyboards today, but there’s also a growing awareness that a sizeable number of folks don’t want any of those things, even if they can afford it. 831 more words


Picture Frame With Aluminum Inlay

I’ve become more and more fascinated with integrating metal into my woodworking. This is a simple project that yields incredible results. The materials will vary but:1-2 types of wood at a minimumAluminum2-Part EpoxyWood glueFinish of some kindGlass or PlexiglassArtwork or PhotoPlywood.Tools:PPETabl… 6 more words


Gigmare #87

I was programming a huge intelligent rig from a blind spot and the console that I was given was made out of wood and didn’t have any faders or encoders. 17 more words


Rustic Farmhouse Style Vanity

We had our bathroom remodeled into a rustic farmhouse style bathroom, so I ended up building a vanity for it. The wood is mostly cherry, with a few boards of pine. 33 more words


Lathe Tool Cabinet

The exact dimensions of the rack are going to depend on your needs and the tools you wish to store in it. For me I built it big enough for the tools I have, and allowed room for me to grow as I add tools to my wood turning collection. 21 more words