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LED Writing Board for Kids

Children like to play and usually don’t like to study. But, it is very easy to teach them by some interesting stuffs. ‘Learning by playing’ is the best way to teach them. 30 more words


LED Light Baton

A friend of mine contacted me asking if it were possible to create LED batons that flashed red and blue like a police light. His plan was to use these in his upcoming marching band show. 27 more words


Roba Interessante

Describe your collection here… DIY Color Sensor Color changing box shelves with LED-strips and Arduino HomeMade Modern DIY Concrete Nesting Tables Building Large Lighted Marquee Letters Arduino Quilting Machine Conspeakuous: Concrete Speakers Concrete Garden Lighting …
By: andreabaco

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Even if the last leaf falls..

If I can go back to the certain moment, I definitely would like to return to just before my grandmother had conscious when she was alive. 37 more words


Dali's soft clock

Today I made a clock in a Dalí style, just like you can see in "The persistence of memory". It can be hung from a shelf as if it was slowly melting :) Drawing the shape and the numbers First of all, you’ll have to draw a shape for your "soft" clock. 17 more words