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Nikos Economopoulos is one of the masters conducting Magnum Caravan Brazil in his first destination:

Ouro Preto- MG Brazil  (March 29th / Abril 3rd)! 650 more words

Magnum Photos

Poetry Sunday: Leisa M. Dierdorf-Lessard

Feeling the Storm by Leisa M. Dierdorf-Lessard

The wind whipped her hair, molding it to her slender cheekbones, like a second skin.
She tilted her face, catching the first rain drops as they began to fall upon the thirsty earth. 86 more words


Drip , drip

The drip drip drip

of the rain

revives a memory

from long past

wafting around in my mind,

rain , thunder and lightning

and the never ending ennui, 26 more words


Co-Play: Magicka 2

Hey Guys!!! This week Erik, Kelly and Steve demonstrate that not everyone with magical powers can be an awesome wizard as we chaotically shoot beams of life, beams of death and lightning from our hands in Magicka 2.

Death By Lag Presents

Lightining our future

Our future as a species, the human race living on this Earth for millions of years. We arrived at a point where the current model of society and way of living cannot sustain our deepest needs as HUMANS. 301 more words