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Co-Play: Magicka 2

Hey Guys!!! This week Erik, Kelly and Steve demonstrate that not everyone with magical powers can be an awesome wizard as we chaotically shoot beams of life, beams of death and lightning from our hands in Magicka 2.

Death By Lag Presents

Lightining our future

Our future as a species, the human race living on this Earth for millions of years. We arrived at a point where the current model of society and way of living cannot sustain our deepest needs as HUMANS. 301 more words


Thunder isn't the Scary Part

There was a storm at about three thirty this morning. I was awake before it started. Three o’clock is my wake up and think things to death time. 1,785 more words

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Indiana Thunderstorm 

“One of my favorite things about the mid west are the thunderstorms. My picture here I believe captures one very well and even has a little homage to fellow Bloomington resident John Mellencamp with the little pink house in the foreground.” — Robert A. Mitchell (May 2015)

Robert A. Mitchell