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Sometimes I stare at an irrelevant object and go off on my own little childish adventure as the world around me folds up into a fantasy. 662 more words

Love is being constantly touched

Love often can not be sustained into the marriage after die faster, so many people say that marriage is the tomb of love. However, no marriage, love will die without burial. 1,808 more words

Bobby Thompson- Lightning Love

Here’s a throwback track from the Michigan-based indie trio, Lightning Love. The song is short and sweet, creating a light-hearted and wholesome feel that can lift you up from the saddest of moods. 83 more words


推薦十大新好嗓音 (上)


10. Al Spx (Cold Specks)

Cold Specks是一位加拿大女歌手和作曲者Al Spx在舞台上的名稱。先前她才在紐約的Bowery Ballroom以清唱Old Stepstone來做結束。她優美嗓音和詞調讓Bowery頓時成為了一個大教堂,當她在最後幾小段時遠離了麥克風,但她的聲音還是在Bowery回響著,感染了所有群眾,大家都像被迷惑似的靜靜站著。Al Spx花了九年的時間,才從寫第一首歌的房間的衣櫃裡,到現在屬於她的舞台上。但她有更大的夢想,她說”我想要和Tom Waits組一個二重奏”。今年五月她才發行第一張專輯 I Predict a Graceful Expulsion. 關於Al Spx更詳細的報導

9. Nick Waterhouse

如果你不知道Nick Waterhouse是誰,你可以將考慮將他最新發行的Time’s All Gone找來聽聽。這是一張受1950、60年代R&B旋律和藍調影響,有女合音和現場感十足的喇叭組合的專輯,Nick用他獨特的嗓音和方式將歌詞詮釋出來。 44 more words


A “We were there” Moment

I think Nick and I had a, “We were there when” moment recently when we drove down to Wilmington, Delaware, to see one of my favorite bands, … 490 more words


So Much Music: Selections from the System D Calendar – From Nicole Hayden Detroit Jazz Festival 

August 31, 2012—September 3, 2012 @ Hart Plaza and… 268 more words

Future Events

Routine Check 8/24/12

– Again, I’ve been sick this week so some of these news clippings may be more stale than usual, but I can’t avoid addressing the news that Richard Thompson is ending his… 1,073 more words

Routine Check