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20170626 - Laugh of the Kookaburra

Walk-through Aviary Re-opened

On our two previous visits to Five Sisters Zoo the walk-through aviary was closed due to the threat/possibility of avian – flu. Being a bird lover I think this is one of the best things in a zoo.   379 more words

Walter Hampson

Action shot failure

I brought the camera out upon watching a class as I was not allowed to return to training yet. I got some good “Facebook” quality shots, however upon preparing them in Lightroom, I realized they were not as sharp as I had initially thought. 55 more words


Solar Eclipse 2017

While I was at work today, I was fortunate enough to take be able to take some pictures of the solar eclipse as it passed overhead. 77 more words


Why Picktorial 3 is not (yet) for me.

I have read some interesting comments about the new raw processing software Picktorial 3. Well, it’s not really brand new but this third version came out in April 2017 and I read that there is a plugin that would give me the film simulations I love so much when I use my fujifilm cameras. 998 more words


the IG struggle is real

I recently went back to IG since I decided to curb the time I spend with Facebook. As I said on a previous post, I find the latter detrimental to my well being. 683 more words


Blue Waters

The blue of the Ontario lakes was accentuated with Lightroom’s “Bold HDR” preset!

Photo credits: Our grandson who used my camera to capture this scene! I did love the red accent in the background!

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