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Passages of Writing: Lights Out in Wonderland by DBC Pierre.

Book: Lights Out in Wonderland, DBC Pierre. This ed. Faber 2010.

Why?:  Gabriel comes out of the text to speak to the reader, telling me to pay attention, so I do, and I’m possibly with him more than I might normally have been, because he asked me to. 359 more words

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Lights Out In Wonderland by DBC Pierre

Because what selfish people like you never realise is that self-destruction is a team sport, pulling everyone in as dupes, as witnesses, victims and mourners. It’s not a cool game, and it’s not a game for the stupid.

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Toni Whitmont reviews The Coffee Story by Peter Salmon

Where to start with The Coffee Story?

Let’s get the story out of the way first. Theodore Everett is dying. An old man now riddled with cancer, he looks back at his life at the helm of Everett and Sons Coffee, which for a time, dominated world trade in this most addictive of commodities. 958 more words

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'Lights Out in Wonderland' a novel by DBC Pierre

“The answer, then, to life: Erode it before it corrodes.”

If you could ever sum up a book into two brief lines these would it be. 912 more words