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Essential Listening /// Soleil Soleil - Lights Out

I’ve been turned onto Soleil Soleil since I started reading the amazing Make Believe Melodies, an English-language blog based in Tokyo. The man behind the moniker is 24-year-old Yasaku Matsuda who also happens to share my last name! 115 more words

Electronic Music

Haven't Encountered That Before

This past week, I was running through the King’s Forest with Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Unyielding Sentinel) and had Dirtyrice (another guildie) with me.  We were making our way to the quest, … 172 more words

"Lights Out" - The Inbox Erotic E-mail Shorts #1

From: Samantha  

Sent: June-26-15 10:30 AM
To: Jake’s Personal E-mail
Subject: Lights Out


I just wanted to let you know that last night was unexpected. 846 more words

Camryn Wilde


The internet is a magical thing isn’t it? We have the wonders of technology to thank for the formation of Leeds surf-grunge outfit Black Surf… 155 more words


Alone (short story)

Lights Out #6, Finale

I remember how it felt when I found you out here in this empty void of a world. It was weeks or perhaps months since I had seen another person. 287 more words

Short Story

Rock A Bye Baby

I read once that if bedtime isn’t one of your favorite parts of the day with your kids, you’re doing it wrong. That bedtime should be a special time that both you and your babies look forward to; a time for bonding, cuddling and truly enjoying each other in a quiet, relaxing wind-down from a long day. 716 more words

Babies And Toddlers Oral Health

Hunger (short story)

Lights Out #5

One thing which I know makes us different is that you have never felt the hunger I have felt. Your belly may not have been full in months, perhaps longer, but it has never been truly empty. 376 more words

Short Story