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Saberforge Weathered Finish Lightsabers: What You Need to Know

This is an example of a weathered Saberforge lightsaber hilt. Weathering, which broadly defines any method of ageing, scratching, tarnishing, wearing down or otherwise making a hilt look used or battle worn, can take on many different forms depending on the lightsaber company or sabersmith that administers the ‘weathering’ process. 306 more words

Do Ultrasabers lightsabers include a blade?

Do Ultrasabers lightsabers include a blade? Since a blade is crucial component of a functional, duel worthy lightsaber, buyers often want to know whether they can expect a blade to come along with the hilt. 179 more words

Star Wars Force FX lightsaber conversions: Basic vs Full

Since Star Wars Force FX lightsabers are not duel worthy out of the box, some lightsaber enthusiasts elect to convert their sabers into duel worthy lightsabers. 207 more words

Covertec and D-Ring Belt Clip ALTERNATIVES: Wearing Your Lightsaber

The Covertec Belt Clip is one of the most commonly used devices for wearing a lightsaber. How a Covertec Clip works is you attach the clip to your belt or pants. 967 more words

Shelf Queen, Cosplay and Dueling Quality Lightsabers: What You Need and What to Look For

By Stanley “Gong Gong Ui” Park
Guest Contributor

Looking for a shelf queen, a cosplay prop or a dueling quality lightsaber suitable for competing in The Saber Legion (TSL)? 656 more words

The EXTREMELY POPULAR Budget Sound Saber: Who Sells It and What You Should Know

One of the cheapest and most popular budget sound sabers on the market isĀ Yddsaber (QD Soundboard) by China-based custom lightsaber manufacturer YDD Saber. The affordable custom sound saber is called many different names by different vendors including [ 321 more words

How to fix a lightsaber crackling sound problem (Troubleshooting 101)

Did your lightsaber start making a crackling sound when you turn it on, kind of like old Walkie Talkie static? The last time I booted up my Saberforge Phoenix, the sound quality emanating from the speaker seemed deteriorated and more crackly than before. 189 more words