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Obi-Wan:Think of the Children

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Old Ben, is he really a guiding light to the young and innocent or is he a corruptive influence?

Here is the general concept of Obi-wan, kindly Jedi master training up the younglings eventually becoming a kindly old man watching out for his young charge. 433 more words

Star Wars 7: 'Lords of Dark and Light' Review

(Editor’s note: this review is of a version of the film that everyone wanted to see, not the actual film. ‘The Force Awakens’ was genuinely awful; a hurried afterthought of a script nervously directed and rushed to screens by a greedy production monster totally unconcerned with making great cinematic art. 1,052 more words

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Meeting the Dark lord

*Cue the title credits*.

Darth Vader. The Dark Lord. Anakin Skywalker. The Chosen one. Dave Prowse.

Yes that’s right, I met the friendly giant himself at a recent fan-run comic fest in a small and somewhat sweat-smelling sports centre in the middle of nowhere. 1,650 more words

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Star Wars Lightsaber Cake

Star Wars themed lightsaber cake.

Star Wars Lightsaber Cake

Star Wars Lightsaber Cake

Star Wars Lightsaber Cake

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Class Agenda for May 2016

Here’s an idea of what class will look like during the month of May. This is a flexible framework, but it’s good to have an idea of goals to be accomplished with each session. 250 more words

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Celebrating May the 4th With Disney Singapore

On May 4th we were honoured to be able to celebrate Star Wars Day with the local Disney offices in Singapore.

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Google is now turning your smartphone to a handle of a Lightsaber

Yes, what you have read is real. Google is turning your smartphone to a handle of a lightsaber by a browser based mini game called “Lightsaber Escape” which is another experiment by Google done recently. 219 more words

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