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10 Things I Would Do With a Lightsaber

Last week I received a dandy of a surprise. Unexpectedly, blogger, Star Wars enthusiast, and lightsaber designer, For Tyeth shared a new post with a new saber design just for me. 931 more words


Star Wars Game Room

Welcome to our Star Wars Basement— courtesy of labor, cheap carpet tiles, throw rugs purchased at Gabes, my husband’s seemingly endless Star Wars collection, oil-based primer, latex paint, and random stuff we already had! 76 more words

The Origins of Star Wars Part V: Turning Fiction into Science

So, we’ve covered a lot ground to get to this point. We know the roots of the story and what inspired George Lucas to conceive and write this crazy adventure. 1,498 more words


l i g h t s a b e r

En request jeg lavede for flere år siden.

Farveblyanter og almindelige blyanter

© George Lucas/Star Wars

G A M L E - S A G E R

Darth Vader VS The Grand Inquisitor

I like the design of the Grand Inquisitor’s lightsabers. But the hole in the middle while he’s doing his spinning trick was basically asking for a lightsaber to go in. 30 more words