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Violin Bow Lightsaber

January, 2017

My adorable, ten-year-old Niece has recently taken up the violin.  She is a big Star Wars fan (runs in the family) and recently learned to play some music from the movies on her violin.   1,795 more words


A Tale of Three Sabers

This is my eighth order from Ultra Sabers, constituting Ultra Sabers #10 and 11, with an entry in the Winter Raffle, which earned me Ultra Saber #12. 1,407 more words

Star Wars

How Rey Really Beat Kylo Ren

I heard people complain about this a lot and I wanna tell you the variables that allowed Rey to beat Kylo Ren in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. 211 more words

So, This Happened.... (A Treat For My Patrons)

For those who support me through Patreon, I’ve decided to give them a little treat. And that treat is seeing me do something ridiculous. 171 more words


Locked In

My Senior year of college my roommates and I found ourselves locked inside our apartment. It was like our own little escape room, free of charge. 426 more words


Zero Likes, Zero Comments

if Darth Vader wasn’t the emperor

then he must have been the head chef

because head chefs have bad tempers

and bloody knives

and Vader’s lightsaber… 6 more words