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Duel of the Fates and Bedtime

Today my children were driving me crazy. Literally. I would have ripped out all of my hair had I had any to rip out. Since they decided to break things during nap time instead of sleep, I resolved to put them to bed at least a half hour earlier than normal. 293 more words


The Apple Watch Has Got Nothing On These 10 Movie Gadgets

The world took another step closer to becoming a sci-fi movie on April 24, when Apple finally launched the much-discussed Apple Watch, seemingly setting the public up for what is sure to be a series of copycats, followers and competitors. 665 more words


3D Printed LightSaber Project.

Just started a new 3D Printing project and at the same time trying to speed up the printer.

In the picture you will see most of the parts needed for stage one of the lightsaber project. 83 more words


Darth Vader VS Aiolin And Morit

Darth Vader faces off with 2 creations of Cylo IV. Not Jedi or Sith, but they seem to mimic Force powers. And they have lightsabers!

– Darth Vader #5



These are Ryan’s attempt to build his own version of lightsabers – blue for himself, white for me and green for Chloe The Master Yoda :)


First Look At Lupita Nyong'o in Star Wars as Maz Kanata!!!

Recently the Vanity Fair spread came out with all those amazing images from The Force Awakens. One of the images was of Lupita Ntong’o in full motion capture. 208 more words


FightSaber on The 5 Show

To round off the celebrations of Star Wars Day, FightSaber along with the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison and Rebel Legion Cathar Outpost were invited to The 5 Show for a May 4th special. 63 more words

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