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Phillips Phunny: Jedi Chipmunks Lightsaber Battle

Two chipmunks battle it out with lightsabers.

Check out two chipmunks with special effects to make it look like they’re holding lightsabers, and audio from “Revenge of the Sith”.


Furiosa with a Lightsaber Just Makes Sense

An enterprising Youtubist named Krishna Shenoi had the rather brilliant idea to edit Star Wars into Mad Max: Fury Road, giving the summer’s greatest new action hero, Furiosa, her own lightsaber! 47 more words

This Wins The Internet

Road Wars - The Epic Mad Max/Star Wars Mashup

With so much online content out there it’s pretty rare to find something that gets me excited especially when it comes to mashups. This one though, got me excited enough to post while I recoup from last nights festivities.   36 more words

Archer's Hilarious Comicon Video

As Gabbing Geek’s resident Archer fan, I always love seeing their irreverent short cartoons that promote the show. The one from Comicon blew the doors off!

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What Happens When You Give A Jedi Knight A GoPro?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Someone put a GoPro on a Jedi Knight. I, mean, come on, it does take place in the future, so of course Jedis have GoPros! 85 more words


'Jedi With A GoPro' Might Be The Greatest 'Star Wars' Fan Video Ever

What’s it like to be a Jedi? The Star Wars fan video “Jedi with a GoPro” answers this very important question in stunning fashion.

Shot from a… 117 more words

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