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How to Install Lighttpd Stack on Centos

If you’re looking for a way to optimize the speed of your web server and not compromise on the performance

Raspberry Pi Rabbit Hutch-cam

This post describes how to setup a Raspberry Pi with a Pi camera board and a (wireless) internet connection as a webcam serving a latest image (updated every 15 seconds) and a short timelapse containing the most recent hour of images in a 20 second movie (updated once per hour). 894 more words

Alpine Pi - dnsmasq, lighttpd & squid (DNS, web server & proxy server)

I’m still ‘working out the kinks’ in my Alpine based DMZ server. I’ve got DNS via dnsmasq running (well), lighttpd web server running (seemingly well), and squid (proxy to web) running (OK, with https config issue). 6,851 more words

Tech Bits

Installing Zerobin(PHP) on FreeBSD 11 with lighttpd + FastCGI.

While many speak of web servers like Apache or NginX, I wanted to try out lighttpd, I disliked the way NginX Inc is releasing its product, which is Open Core. 487 more words

Building a Website ON an iPhone

There’s a lot of information out there about building websites for mobile, but have you ever considered that it’s completely possible to set up a website from a mobile device? 552 more words


Run Ubuntu Linux and Bash on Windows 10

As of release 1607* Windows 10 includes the ability for desktop users to install and run a copy of Ubuntu terminal from within Windows! Officially called the… 1,856 more words