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Like a general of a battle weary army , I walked my inner landscape surveying the cost of holding strong,even forgine g ahead with torch held high , in the face of a wall of adversity. 183 more words

The da Vinci Virus

The freethinking individual represents the natural evolution of mankind: this is what the Controllers fear. Throughout history, mankind has been advanced by the individual — not by the state, the religion, or the collective. 180 more words


The Weird Fifth Dimension

Just as the third dimension may be incomprehensible to an inhabitant of the second dimension, a higher dimension is very difficult for us to understand, because our minds are conditioned to a linear perspective of comfortable absolutes. 140 more words


"Save Me" Not

In fair warning, I’m a bit fired-up this evening. Before heading to sleep, I prayed for clarity and truth, to move me through this moment of insecurity and pain. 603 more words


Mental Bondage

Agent Smith: As you can see, we’ve had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Anderson.

Rhineheart: The time has come to make a choice, Mr. 128 more words


Recognizing the Stillness

“I don’t understand why I am in this situation!”
This is a common comment from seekers looking for guidance. One goes on to say, “I’m not looking for sympathy, just perspective and connection with people. 451 more words