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 The 11 Types of Lightworkers

The 11 Types of Lightworkers ~

Use your intuition to discover your unique lightworker gifts… And yes, you can and likely have more than one! 1,019 more words

Things That Effect Me

Are you sacrificing yourself? Do you give your power away? Master Jesus has a message for you.

In this Divine Self Reconnection Hypnotherapy session my client has a conversation with His Divine Essence to discover the cause of a tendency in this lifetime to believe that everything has to be done through suffering which has caused much pain and drama in his life. 240 more words


The EVENT - We Have Made It ! Now What? - QTZ1190 - by The Positive Side of 2012 - 6-10-18

The Positive Side of 2012

Uploaded on Jun 10, 2018


We have reached a new Plateau in the Event. The only thing in the way NOW is the Alternative Media holding back the human consciousness. 52 more words

Enlightenment is a Place Called "Eden"

Eden is more than a place, it is a frequency, a higher level of awareness. Since the outer form is always a reflection of the inner state, when we change our frequency, we experience a reality that corresponds to our new vibration. 125 more words


Christ Consciousness

We start in Oneness, in the bliss of wholeness. Then we travel through the darkness of separation and loss. Finally, we are to return to Oneness, but this is not a full return to an undifferentiated state; we carry with us the wisdom of our journey: appreciation for uniqueness, for the gift of free will, for individual expression — and see the unity underneath the multiplicity and diversity of form. 166 more words


"Distance Reiki Healing"

I read a rather disturbing post on social media about someone charging exorbitant prices to “catch” one’s energy across the phone from far distances.   This  210 more words

Life Musings From A Reiki Master And Intuitive Animal Communicator