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Have We Lost the War?

More senseless, maddening tragedy in the news tonight. Last night. Every night. People being slaughtered. People who are supposed to protect others murdering people in cold blood. 257 more words

Spirits, Angels, Guides

Has your well run dry? Have you given away all your precious water? Mother Mary speaks to Lightworkers of the need for self love and self nurturing.

Message from Mother Mary to Lightworkers everywhere.

Channeled Through Charmian Redwood

Has your well gone dry? Have you given away all your precious water? Mother Mary speaks of the need to nurture oneself and to sometimes to say No. 1,751 more words


All Divine All the Time

I had a rough night last night.  I came back from shopping with a friend during a severe thunderstorm, and I think that storm shook up more than just the dense humidity.  638 more words

There Is No Escaping Evolution

So Calm It’s Smooth As Glass…

You know when it’s overcast, cloudy, high humidity, foggy, raining or snowing how the sunlight doesn’t get through all that interference and reach Earth and us fully and directly? 1,296 more words


The myth that deep personal and spiritual growth isn't fun.

I know a woman who is handling a recent breakup by signing up for a torturous exercise program in hopes of losing 20 lbs, which on her already small frame, will leave her quite unhealthy. 1,080 more words

The Great Cosmic Shake up. Do you feel as if you are in a blender?

A Message for Lightworkers


The Great White Brotherhood


Charmian Redwood

This is a remarkable time on planet Earth, old structures, old ways of being are disintegrating because they are simply no longer sustainable as the Earth shifts into her 5th dimensional aspect. 1,098 more words