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How To Parallel Park Like A Boss

The first car I drove was my mom’s suburban- she would let me borrow it at night and on weekends in high school. It was humungous, and learning to park that tank was a feat all in itself. 178 more words


7 Things Succesful People Do Every Night

Unwinding at the end of everyday is extremely important for everyone, whether it be a full time home-maker or a working person. Mulling on about how the the day went will NOT make it better, instead it will create stress and add to the already present problems. 401 more words

Monday Morning Like A Boss!!

Those Motivational messages on Monday mornings from people who love a quick copy and paste, allow that, nothing inspires more than a banger of tune first thing to get the adrenaline going, each Monday we give the “Monday Like A Boss” 3 tunes to get you walking into the office/work/school like you are the star of season 4 of Narcos! 66 more words

Jazzy B

How I’m Taking on New Year’s Resolutions like a Boss

I’m so tired of making New Year’s Resolutions just for the sake of being trendy and joining in on conversations. If I create a goal, then I actually want to accomplish it. 389 more words


I'm That Annoying Person...

I’m that annoying person you want to punch in the face. I don’t always make New Year’s Resolutions, but when I do, I always follow through on them. 932 more words


Download Like a Boss mod apk

The rip off food selection for Dinosaur Hunter does not consist of the full English alphabet, instead providing the player just consonants. You desire to make it as quickly as possible when you spend a whole lot of time in your calendar. 682 more words

Like A Boss