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S09E14 - Killer Radio

Welcome to Easton, a part of that mysterious part of America that seems to be generically called The Midwest, where JB has inexplicably decided to pop in on her book tour. 1,850 more words

Season Nine

The Holiday - Part Five

Sat this evening, I realised it is only 3 weeks till we go back to Dorset for our annual family get away. As I considered what mischief the kids will get themselves into whilst we are away this year, I remembered that I had in fact planned to conclude my story of the capers from last year. 3,580 more words

Like a Boss.

For a change, this is going to be a short post, written in a few minutes. It feels so liberating not having to put a week of research into a post :) 309 more words

Tips For Bringing Up Your Kids Like A Boss

People always tell one another that there’s no guide to bringing up children, and that’s right, to an extent. You can only rely on the advice of other parents who’ve been through it and your own gut judgement, but your judgement should definitely be the priority because every child is different. 550 more words


TFL No4: How to Draft a Timeline for Clients

Oh, these special breed of clients who need things right NOW. Many a times I have come across new clients who want to engage my services – and I have turned away a lot of them. 552 more words


To Make Things Suck Less

It’s been a pretty shitty week, so we’re turning it into a kitty week. So here is a kitten, riding a Roomba. Like a boss. Enjoy!

And Now For Something Completely Different