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Audio: Lil Wayne – Like A Man

Lil Wayne – Like A Man :More new Lil Wayne music here. Last month, fans were treated to a never released before song called ‘Dinnertime‘ which was apparently from Tha Carter III era and produced by ONHEL. 95 more words

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Clean Like a Man with Every Man Jack

The term “every man jack” is an old-fashioned idiom that essentially means “every last man”, “each and every person”, or “everyone without exception”. I think that all these descriptors are pretty fitting name for a hygiene company aiming to push forward all-natural hygiene products to the masses. 480 more words

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Smell Like a Man from bottom to top with Goodwipes and Moondani Naturals

I first heard about Goodwipes when Teresa reviewed the women’s version in a 2015 post. She had this to say:

If you have ever run Hood to Coast, Cascade Lakes Relay, or one of the other long multi-day relays, you know how sweaty and stinky you can get.

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Clean Like a Man: Olivina Men

Maybe it’s the fact that I am a father or perhaps it’s finally realizing that I should start becoming an “adult”, but over the past few years, I have finally started to care about my grooming products. 898 more words

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What Run Oregon is Wearing: New shirt and shorts from Kit Culture

Last summer, I was able to connect with Kit Culture, a clothing company out of Huntington Beach, CA. Their style resonated with me, as it was geared primarily for a certain body type – a slimmer profile with items that had stretch capabilities built in. 972 more words

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Dress Like a Man: Sweat Tailor

Sweatpants get a bad rap. I mean, I guess I understand what all the negative press is about. After all, wasn’t it Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza… 948 more words

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Dress Like a Man: ARKWEAR Polo shirts

After years of my kids asking (i.e. begging), we recently completed the purchase of a yearly membership to the Oregon Zoo. Our first trip had me and my 7 & 5-year-old hovering around the new-ish elephant area. 511 more words

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