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Like a Prayer

Happy TUNEBACK TUESDAY!! With Madonna having performed in Toronto last night (and again tonight!) it’s only proper to tune it back to one of her classics, … 127 more words


THE MADONNA CONCERT - as experienced, sorta, from the far far up and away and off to the side "cheap" seats

“Cheap” seats deserves it’s quotation marks.  After all, we did pay over $100 a ticket.  We could have paid less and ended up even further up, up, up in the nosebleed section, or even further off to the right and… 613 more words

Notes In The News

Donna DeLory - Just a Dream

Pop stars are such a generous bunch, aren’t they? Always willing to give their time and talent away for free in the name of a good cause. 852 more words

Pop Music

how to celebrate your dead sister's birthday

Text ‘happy birthday’ to her old number. You never know, you may get a, thanks, it’s not my birthday but thanks in advance, or you could get, who are you, or you may get a message failed message because her old number is as dead as she is. 513 more words


The Immaculate Spinsteration.

If you’re this good and this passionate about your craft, I don’t care how old you are or what gender you are, you should never stop. 31 more words

Hollywood Spinster

Madonna Lands Rolling Stone's Greatest Songwriters List

MADONNA has yet again been included in an honorable list and finds herself in the company of the greats as Rolling Stone has just released its list of the… 222 more words