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Dylan Shows Us How He Did It On 'The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12'

We finally know how he did it; how Bob Dylan captured brilliance and put it down on wax recording one of the best songs ever – “Like A Rolling Stone.” Well, sort of. 826 more words

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How does it feel ... to own 20 versions of Dylan's 'Rolling Stone'? | Reuters

“I need a dump truck mama to unload my head,” Bob Dylan sang on his raucous 1965 B-side “From A Buick 6“.

And here’s that brain dump, every note Dylan recorded in one 14-month burst of creativity.

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Like A Rolling Stone

This song can be seen as a warning about the dangers of living pointlessly, going along with the crowd, and not treating others appropriately.  The protagonist seems to be a frivolous society girl who, having fallen from her social pedestal, is given advice by the narrator about how to pick herself up. 1,933 more words

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It’s a chill kind of evening. Mug of tea by my side, mind at ease, going through work at a leisurely pace, and Dylan playing in the background. 18 more words

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Our words wait quietly in the dictionary with their meanings ready, paws tucked under. When we take them out,  sometimes we try to make them sit still there, there, and there, like in info-speak; or let them run, like in poetry; or we jerk on their leashes orally for a momentary effect, like in every third or fourth moment in live conversation. 254 more words

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On August 30, 1965.

On August 30, 1965, “Columbia Records” released Bob Dylan’s sixth studio album “Highway 61 revisited”. The album material was recorded at the “Columbia Studio A”,  New York,  from June 15 – August 4, 1965 and was produced by Bob Johnston and features some of the best known Dylan songs, including “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Ballad of a thin man” and “Highway 61 revisited”. 136 more words