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Like a Rolling Stone - Greil Marcus

Perhaps it is strange to start a website dedicated to music with a post about a book. But then that is the intention of this page: to catch the glimpses of music, be it in film, books, LP’s, radio or in nature. 286 more words


Burnes Turns: March 25-April 8

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me as I’ve moved into not only my first house, but a different state. But through it all, I’ve had some great music to accompany me as I’ve trekked through a considerable swath of Bob Dylan’s discography, continued to enjoy the magic of one of music’s most underrated auteurs, and discovered the Hard Rock bliss of Jane’s Addiction. 358 more words


Dylan Sunday 

I had the good fortune to perform with the loose ensemble of musicians known as the UBand this past Sunday at fellowship. The sound isn’t good (we are still in the early stages of figuring out the recording process), but you can make me out clearly in the third verse of “Like a Rolling Stone”. 27 more words

Talk at the AA – Thanks and additional materials

I had a great time during the seminar last week at the AA, where I presented my recent research on planning’s role in the destruction of working-class centralities through several historical illustrations from Germany and the US. 160 more words

Arquitectura Y Crítica

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ジクレーポスター 山下良平【Fly 2】(A3ノビサイズ) 今週 無料 の 本. ジクレーポスター 山下良平【Fly 2】(A3ノビサイズ) 電子 書籍 pdf 化. ジクレーポスター 山下良平【Fly 2】(A3ノビサイズ) 本 無料 pdf. ジクレーポスター 山下良平【Fly 2】(A3ノビサイズ) 電子 書籍 ダウンロード 容量. 37 more words

Turning 70....The Early Years

Last night as I lay in bed wide awake with insomnia due to eating and drinking too much holiday fare too late in the day, I counted years instead of sheep. 767 more words